Sapphire kicks off early with an early May start

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Hope you can join IBM at Sapphire which arrives on May 5th. It is far too early for me this year, but it here. I hope to see everyone there, but I’m not feeling 100% ready. I’m sure the IBM team will be, but after 10+ years of Sapphire, my internal clock keeps telling me it is too early.

While I may be struggling with the early arrival, the rest of IBM is hard at work to put on good show for you. The booth looks fantastic. Please come to the booth and say hello. We’ll have over 100 experts from IBM ranging from hardware, to software, to services on lots of topics including HANA, DB2, HANA on Power, Power, S/4, Simple Finance, Analytics, Cloud, Social, Mobile, Security, and more. We are putting the finishing touches on our Boardroom of the Future running on S/4 HANA. We’ll have it up and running for you to look at and question our experts.

There are numerous events throughout the show for you to attend lead by some of IBM’s experts. Here is a non-inclusive list of what is going on. For the latest, just come by booth 100 and ask at the front desk for the latest updates.

General Sessions:

Date/Time Title Description Speaker
Tuesday, May 512:30pm – 12:20pm



Achieving Success by Implementing SuccessFactors Solutions When Brooks Brothers needed to replace its HR system, an out-of-the-box approach and implementation activities solved problems the business didn’t know it had. Discover how the company achieved one of its most successful rates of user adoption with SuccessFactors solutions and fulfilled its talent promise to stakeholders. Anne Dacy, IBMJustin Watras, Brooks Brothers
Wednesday, May 612:30pm – 12:50pm



Customer Experiences and Best Practices with SAP HANA Learn how five IBM clients use IBM Cloud for SAP HANA® and SAP applications with flexible deployment options that support unique business requirements, Understand the options and benefits of running SAP HANA on IBM Power, Get tips on how to deploy on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) for security and performance Jan Jackman, IBMBrian Burke, IBM
Tuesday, May 512:00pm – 12:45pm

Micro Forum


Fast and Flexible, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for your mission-critical applications In October 2014, SAP and IBM announced a premier partnership where SAP would leverage IBM Cloud Services to offer SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This session will bring strategic, operational and financial learnings from clients on the benefits of running SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud on IBM Cloud infrastructure. Madhuri Chawla, IBMBrian Burke, IBM
Wednesday, May 612:00pm – 12:45pm

Micro Forum


Cheney Brothers Inc. Redefines Speed to Market with Customer-Targeted, Highly Responsive Pricing Accuracy and speed are critical to servicing customers with competitive pricing. Hear how Cheney Brothers responds to daily changes in market pricing for 250,000 SKUs. See how the company uses SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to optimize the pricing process, gaining significant improvements in full-book pricing and analytics. Sandra Keaveny, IBM
Wednesday, May 611:00pm – 11:45pm

Micro Forum


Empower Your Logistics Business Transformation with the Right Balance This discussion addresses the importance of choosing and implementing the correct strategy when rolling out new solutions and systems. Explore ways to balance the risk, cost, and speed of a project with the organization’s culture. Learn from IBM’s real-world experiences and lessons learned with a large transportation management system. TBD
Tuesday, May 512:30pm – 12:50pm



Use Social Media and Consumer Sentiment Data to Improve Sales Performance Marketers must find ways to collect, analyze, and translate raw consumer data into actionable insights. See how IBM’s consumer sentiment analytics uses the SAP HANA platform and SAP Lumira software to gather insights from Big Data, analyzing social media data to paint a picture of product performance and create targeted campaigns for key customers. Gil Gomez, IBMGagan Reen, IBM
Wednesday, May 612:00pm – 12:20pm



Determine Propensity to Buy Using Advanced Visualization and Analytics Searching for better ways to learn customer spending habits? The answer requires real-time collection, processing, and analysis of millions of transactions, financial data, contract terms, trends, and market data spread across multiple systems. Use predictive analytics to identify customer buying behavior and forecast for better sales and planning. Doug Krauss, IBM
Thursday, May 71:30pm – 1:50pm



Accelerate Trade Promotion Planning with an In-Memory Computing Platform Evaluate how to maximize revenue, volume, and profitability for your company and partners. See how Miller Coors performs real-time promotion planning using modeling and simulation tools in the SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning application powered by SAP HANA, enabling salespeople to assess options and quickly build tailored promotion plans. Sandra Keaveny, IBM
Tuesday, May 5, 2015: 1:45 PMPanel discussion


Panel Discussion: The Impact of Technology on Wholesale Distribution Drones, smart eyewear, smart vending… The future of wholesale distribution is closer than you think. Learn about the new technologies that are changing the future of the industry. Hear SAP customers, partners and experts discuss how these technologies are impacting the distribution industry and how you can start to visualize your company’s future. Paul St. Germain, IBM
Wednesday, May 64:00 – 4:20 PM



Get Powerful Results from Combining Mobile and Cloud Computing Examine how the combination of cloud and mobile computing can transform and reinvent a business. Consider real-world examples of companies who are doing this successfully, including Ulta Beauty, Nestlé S.A., L’Oréal Group, and National Grid plc.
Wednesday, May 61:30 – 1:50 PM



Revitalize Human Resources with Cloud-Based Core HR Solutions Consolidate HR data in a single system of record and make it easily accessible across the enterprise. See how Brooks Brothers Group Inc. simplified HR processes and transformed the company from manual HR processes to data efficiency in the cloud using SuccessFactors Employee Central and SuccessFactors Talent solutions.
Wednesday May 65:00 – 5:45 PM

Micro forum


Benefit from Business Network Integration for Sellers This discussion looks at the strategic decision-making processes, technical options, and tactical aspects of integration with the Ariba Network. Learn how to set up your network to receive a purchase order, create a catalog, or perform electronic invoicing. Rob Brooks, IBM
Tuesday May 511:00 – 11:45 AM

Micro forum


Develop a Business Case for E-Commerce Collaboration This discussion reveals how to justify your investment in e-commerce. Discover how to measure your success through an e-commerce scorecard, which documents the value of business networks to your leadership. Rob Brooks, IBM
Thursday, May 71:00 – 1:45 PM

Micro forum


Progress from Enablement to Integration for E-Commerce Success This discussion explores the use of B2B integration to automate your connection in a business network. Reduce costs associated with manual document keying, and improve customer satisfaction with the Ariba Network. Move from enablement to integration using this business network with your customers. Rob Brooks, IBM

ASUG Speaking Sessions

Date/Time Title Description Speaker
Wed, May 64:15 pm Lessons Learned from SSC Implementations – EMC, IBM, Lexmark and Ericsson Session will cover lessons learned over 4 major SSC implementations across High Tech and Industrial companies with basic as well as solution configuration needs. The session will cover both a customer and SAP view point as well as best practices for others to adopt while undertaking similar such projects in future. TBD
Mon, May 410:30 am Mobile Cloud: Success Case Story The session will cover the National Grid Mobile Platform as a service. A robust cloud based solution that supports 20.000 potential users/devices and be able to manage 2 countries and 5 business lines based on the need to rationalize and share the resources on a flexible and scalable solution. TBD
Tues, May 512:30 pm Facing the Forces of Change®: The Emerging Trends Facing the Forces of Change® is the only major research study analyzing the future of wholesale distribution. Paul St. Germain will provide an update, and focus on the latest information on robotics, drones, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and some key emerging trends that will shape distribution businesses – and our lives – in the near future Paul St. Germain

Looking forward to seeing you at Sapphire 2015 in Orlando, Fl.

IBM Corporate Technical Strategy Executive / Distinguished Engineer

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