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Landmark Projects Redefining IT and Business Outcomes

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Technology is driving major economic shifts by transforming consumer expectations, organizational models and competition. Over half of the customer value proposition for products and services will be derived from digital in the next three years according to Senior Vice President of Gartner Research, Peter Sondergaard. It’s easy to see why IT departments are feeling pressured to get the right technology in place to meet the growing demands of the digital economy.

New technologies play a key role in reinventing companies to meet these demands.  Between 2013 and 2020, 98% of the growth in IT spending will comprise social, mobile, analytics and cloud. And many CIOs think cognitive computing – systems inspired by the way the human brain processes information, draws conclusions and codifies experience – could revolutionize business too.

Technology is redefining how our clients do business. By blending traditional recruiting with cognitive tools to determine personality characteristics and values, a leading materials science company has a better understanding of the fit of the candidate and not just the skill set. Watson’s natural language and personality insights APIs allows recruiters to interact and get insights from unstructured data. This insight gives the company valuable information early in the recruiting process, increasing the chances of finding the perfect candidate for their critical hires.

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