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Recap: Top Insights From Our IBMSAPCOGNITIVE Chat You Won’t Want To Miss

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The digital economy is forcing companies and many industries to completely reinvent their business models. Our IBMSAPCOGNITIVE chat discussed this particular topic.

Following the recent announcement of the IBM and SAP partnership for digital transformation, we hosted a Crowdchat session to fuel the discussion around the digital shift businesses are facing today.

During IBMSAPCOGNITIVE chat, IBM and SAP experts shared their views on creating a digital business in the cognitive era.


Below is a curation of some of the best insights from the chat. A special thanks to our participants who shared their knowledge and views with the attendees. Read the entire chat transcript here.

Is ensuring an exceptional customer experience at the heart of your digital transformation strategy?

  • “A well thought out customer experience is key to success. Take the time to understand what your customers are trying to accomplish and then make it easy for them.” Mark Treshock
  • “Customer Experience is the entry to discussion about the need for new strategy for customer engagement, using a connected approach, rather than fragmented solutions– Seena Aras
  • “At the core of any digital transformation is customer experience. How digital technologies come together to provide a wholesome customer experience will determine the future of organizations.” – Srinivas Damparala
  • “Keeping loyal customers keeps a business going, but innovating the customer experience ensures a future. “– Julie Christie

How can cognitive capabilities extend your SAP investment?

  • “Using cognitive adds a capability to move beyond gut instinct. While gut instinct isn’t necessarily wrong, cognitive takes the same components of information based decisions and can create more consistent recommendation.” – Kevin Simpson
  • “Social tools help to engage employees, organizations, partners and ecosystems to maintain an open dialogue about the business, generate new idea and understand stakeholder sentiment on a regular basis.” – Carrie Hotz-Barth

How can you build the right organization and ecosystems, with the right talent?

  • “Hear how Brooks Brothers refashions human resources with SuccessFactors and IBM, sees 50 percent productivity gain…” – Stephanie Reshel
  • “Using cognitive insights that leverage structured and unstructured data from a vast set sources help organizations identify the right people and partners to drive growth.” – Swflaherty


How do you optimize ROI and drive greater value from existing investments when implementing new front office solutions?

  • “The idea is to complement existing investments by leveraging the easy to consume front office applications. Think of interacting with your heavy duty Back office regarding orders, financials, with a smart device from anywhere, anytime.”Seema Thomas
  • “Make sure the front end is crafted to solve a customer problem or pain point. It goes back to focusing on the customer experience.” – Mark Treshock
  • “Being able to seamlessly satisfy every customer need, regardless of touchpoint, is the order of the day, especially in consumer-facing organizations!”Srinivas Damparala
  • “Long ago, we had a “Field of Dreams” view of solutions from a singular design. Iterative design or evolution is often necessary to hone it and drive toward an ROI capability. Agile approaches are beginning to dominate as a result.”Kevin Simpson


How do you balance the complexity and sophistication of the commerce solution with quick time to value?

  • “Pick a partner like IBM that knows commerce inside and out and takes the time to strategically meet your needs within your timeline and budget.” Seena Aras
  • “Start small, show success, then expand. Rapid deployment solutions and Accelerators are a great way to realize quick time to value.”Seema Thomas


There are unpredictable demands of digital transformation. How does cloud technology and specifically IBM Cloud meet those demands?

  • “The key benefits that come from Cloud are Speed and Flexibility, and every SAP customer starting digital transformation will need both. IBM Cloud adds services specific to SAP.”Alberto Di Lallo
  • “IBM is well positioned to address clients’ migration to Cloud in all industries. See how INEOS gained the ability to develop new functionality rapidly and cost-effectively, here >>….”Srinivas Damparala


How are IBM cloud solutions developed with specific workloads and industries in mind?

  • “IBM’s Cloud Managed Services focuses not only on the infrastructure but primarily on the applications, workloads and industries that will run on the infrastructure.”Alberto Di Lallo
  • “We team with our clients and partner on solutions. They provide an appetite and use cases that extended to entire industries. We provide approaches and toolsets to do new and different things.” Kevin Simpson

Does your infrastructure help you run faster, run smarter and help you drive better performance from your hardware investment?

  • “HANA on Power gives you the best of both worlds. Secure, scaleable, robust, scale-up/scale-out capabilities with cloud economics and flexibility.” Alex Cabanes
  • “Good point Srinivas. It has to be a combination. Infrastructure is only one part of the end to end platform, but there is a risk to assume it becomes commodotised as we move up the value chain into Systems of Engagement”Marc Dudgeon

What is the customer experience we can expect at SAPPHIRE 2016?

  • “See digital transformation come to life at #SAPPHIRENOW…Stephanie Reshel
  • “Lot’s of great customer example! Pfizer and Kennametal will be talking about their on-premise deployments using HANA on IBM Power Systems. “Alex Cabanes
  • “IBM and SAP continue to co-innovate solutions that increase customer value through cognitive extensions, enhanced customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality. Visit IBM Booth #104 at SAPPHIRE during May 17-19, to know more! “– Srinivas Damparala


What do you think? Add your insights in the comment section and meet the #IBMatSAPPHIRE experts at booth #104 to discover how to reinvent your business in the cognitive era!

To learn more about innovative joint solutions, visit our IBM-SAP Alliance website.



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