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A New IBM SAP Partnership for a New Era: Reinvent Business and Transform Digitally

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The cognitive era demands a new IBM SAP partnership that can make digital transformation a reality for our customers. Today that partnership is defined. Through our joint announcement with SAP, we will combine the best of IBM and SAP to define the digital transformation roadmap for our customers and will bring to market solutions that defy the limits of the past.

What does IBM SAP partnership bring new and what does it mean to digitally reinvent your organization in the cognitive era?

Look around at the current landscape. New technologies that help us connect become available daily and nearly every interaction takes place almost instantaneously. Competing in this landscape requires organizations to embrace disruption and operate at the full potential of enabling technologies like cognitive, mobile, social, cloud and the Internet of Things. We are committed to helping our clients reinvent their businesses to meet the demands of the digital economy. This evolution is called Digital Reinvention and is depicted below.

digital transformation

IBM SAP partnership will answer the challenge for our customers by helping them to modernize their core with SAP S/4HANA and will create cognitive solutions that extend S/4 and Line of Business solution value, integrate industry based iOS mobile applications and deliver consumer grade customer and user experiences available on the cloud and on-premise. We will further enhance our strengths in the partnership in areas like Cloud under our pre-existing Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) relationship by building industry based cloud solution offerings and by wrapping Application Managed Services (AMS) into our joint solution offering. We will continue to deepen our on-premise and hybrid offerings through our HANA on Power infrastructure solution. In addition, we will combine the thought leadership from IBM’s Institute of Business Value with SAP’s Industry Value Engineering organization to develop roadmaps for value realization to support the business cases required for digital transformation.

I am excited about the possibilities that this expanded partnership offers. We will help our customers outthink their competition. We will solve business problems never deemed possible with solutions never even imagined. As examples, we will harness the power of cognitive in the area of machine learning to reduce the errors made in the MRP process correcting massive production issues before they occur thus reducing waste to negligible levels. We will leverage cognitive insight in the area of recruiting to help companies use skill matching and personality insight to create the strongest candidate pool in a fraction of the time it would take a recruiter while delivering improved candidate quality. For the utilities industry, we will infuse the power of our weather data from our recent acquisition of the Weather Company to enhance the customer notification and restoration asset deployment processes. These proof of concept solutions only scratch the surface of what is possible through this partnership.

As the pace of change continues, the only reality for customers is that they must continue to adapt. Early adopters of digital transformation will achieve competitive advantage and will dictate the standard for their industries. Our mission is to ensure that they succeed and we could not be more excited to be a part of this journey.

We invite you to visit  to see how the IBM and SAP Digital Transformation partnership can help you. Join us at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW to get an interactive tour of our digital transformation capabilities and these exciting solutions.

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To learn more about innovative joint solutions, visit our IBM-SAP Alliance website.

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