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IBM spends over USD 7 billion annually on Research and Development. Two years ago, I had the chance to actually see this research in action. SAP HANA was the new kid on the block with SAP geeks chasing after it; I was one of them. As it happened by mentor in IBM referred me to the IBM Lab for SAP Solutions (LSS). This was a new research lab focused primarily on HANA and Analytics with a good dose of IBM proprietary research. By the latter, we mean the industry expertise IBM posses, along with a vast portfolio of software products such as IBM WebSphere, Tivoli, etc. So once I was formally inducted, I got a crash course in HANA and off we went developing a use case on HANA. These were heady times for HANA with lots of bugs in the system but we had a tight deadline to prepare the demo / use case for the Sapphire 2012. My team was distributed between Pakistan, Czech Republic, India and US. There were industry experts discussing how my Smart Metering use case would be valuable in real life, what trends to look for. We had IBM software that would augment SAP’s portfolio being merged in. It was an exhilarating experience when we finished on time.LSS

Two years down the road, the LSS is bringing together the full depth and breadth of IBM for clients to get the kind of solutions that can help them understand their customers better; help them engage their customers and partners more effectively and ultimately be leaders in their industry. When you engage IBM, you can sense all this distilled knowledge coming through in the demos that only LSS is able to bring to you. These highly interactive Forward Engineering workshops  can have customized demos based on client needs.

More information on LSS assets once Sapphire announcements are over. Visit our Lab for SAP Solutions at Sapphire, Orlando to know more. More on LSS here.

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