IBM Releases SuccessFactors Cognitive Products at SuccessConnect 2017

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SuccessConnect is here and the IBM SuccessFactors team is eager to announce their latest and greatest SuccessFactors cognitive products! With our valued customers in mind, IBM SuccessFactors is introducing three applications which will enhance the recruiting process for employers as well as enhance employee’ productivity and engagement.  Cognitive technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and API (Application program interface) protocols will extend company HR platforms like never before…  From chat bots utilizing AI to full cognitive solutions solving for talent Acquisition, training and engagement, the world of application technologies is changing the way companies do business.  Those who understand and embrace these new technologies will remain cutting edge and enjoy strategic advantage over their competitors.  The three products being featured at SuccessConnect include: Talent Advisor, Career Path Explorer and Employee Engagement Advisor.  Each of the products will be available for demonstration at the conference where IBM will provide a deeper understanding of these cognitive capabilities.


Talent Advisor is an app that uses the IBM Watson Personality Insights and Tone Analyzer (and other APIs) to provide cognitive reasoning around talent acquisition.  Recruiters will be able to source, select and hire difficult to find candidates faster than ever through the power of cognitive computing, and machine learning elements. This application will help companies perform strategic recruiting fill jobs internally, reduce manual tasks for recruiters, provide insights to branding/recruiting strategies, improve candidate quality, increase candidate pool and increase candidate location speed. Talent Advisor’s success can be measured by companies decrease in time to source, cost per hire, attrition/retention and increase in years of service by role.


Career Path Explorer is provided to help employees be able to better select their career path and training courses based on preference and cognitive computing.  This tool is directed towards millennials and aims to offer guidance in selecting the right career path based on his/her passions.  Career Path Explorer provides employees with the ability to choose where and what they want to be in their career. Once a path is chosen, the application lists out essential training that the employee needs to take to perform the desired role in the organization.  Career Path Explorer’s success can be measured by an increase in internal hire rate, employee engagement scores (company wide), compliance and decrease in attrition/retention


The final application that IBM SuccessFactors plans to showcase at this year’s SuccessConnect conference is the Employee Engagement Advisor.  This is designed to provide a single portal for employees to gain information on all the ways they may get involved within the company. Through artificial intelligence and cognitive interaction, the application suggests clubs, organizations, events and memberships. Employees will be effortlessly connected to activities they have interest in and employers will be able be pinpoint employee interests, and help drive meaningful cultural initiatives.  Employee Engagement Advisor interacts with employees using job information, location and personal interests to prioritize activities that will be appealing to each individual employee. Success in the application can be measured by an increase in employee engagement scores (company wide) and decrease in attrition/retention and cost per hire.


For more information on the IBM SuccessFactors practice, visit IBM at booth 1 at SAP SuccessConnect 2017 to optimize your HR experience. SAP SuccessConnect is an excellent opportunity to explore the latest strategist solutions, best practices and new innovations for your company. With keynote speakers such as Oprah Winfrey, Robert Enslin and SAP SuccessFactors customers, this is a Vegas event not to be missed.


IBM and SAP are also on a roadshow to bring multiple cities one step closer to SAP SuccessFactors journeys. Sign up for a complimentary 1-day SAP SuccessFactors Journey in your city to evaluate your digital HR transformation.

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