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IBM is Number ONE in Organization Change Consulting!

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The news is out!  It was very gratifying to see IBM recognized for its eminence in the organization and learning areas by IDC’s MarketScape 2013 analysis of worldwide Organizational and Change Consulting Services.  The best part of being #1 in IDC’s analysis is that their analysis and rankings are based on interviews with clients.  This was great news for the IBM team, and I was not totally surprised by our ranking because I know how much we have done in the past 2 years to rise above the competition.  Here are the three things I think put us over the top:

Our delivery practitioners are the best in the business

Our strong client results drove the IDC rankings and are a testament to the amazing work our delivery practitioners are driving in the marketplace.  We work together, learn from each other, and create outstanding deliverables that enable our clients to drive user adoption of new technology and processes.  Our practitioners really make our promises come to life in the marketplace!

We focus on thought leadership and bringing innovation to our clients

One of the reasons we created the Transformation Center of Excellence (COE) was to drive innovation and focus on thought leadership in the change and learning space.  Our effort to integrate new approaches to Org Change Management such as Social OCM, Serious Games/Gamification, ERP Sim, Success Factors, Personnas/Fiori, etc and embedding Value Realization approaches into our offers drives a differentiation of IBM in the marketplace.  I see this often as I am talking w/ clients about what is unique in this area.. they are blown away by IBM’s capabilities and our thought leadership.


We embody IBM’s Values and Practices

IBM lives by three values which I see embodied directly by our OCM/Learning practitioners: (1) Our winning change consulting practice has shown they are dedicated to every client’s success—proven by the feedback IDC received!  (2) Our CoE is driving innovation that matters to the world, teaching and partnering with our practitioners, and we are delivering.  (3) Our close work with each other as a true team really drives relationships based on trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.  I see this played out in our amazingly strong Change and Learning Community.  Now everyone can see how values in action creates results.

I’m proud to be part of our IBM Change Consulting team!


What do you think led to our selection as the Number One change consulting firm?  Post your thoughts here!


Want to learn more about IDC, who delivered the study?  Click here for more information.


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