IBM at SAP Sapphire in Orlando June 3 – 5, 2014

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This is my 13th Sapphire and I still get excited by them.  I hope you are able to join us at Sapphire.  I look forward to all the announcements from SAP, from IBM, and others.  I look forward to catching up to old friends and making new ones.  It always is a tiring week, but always fun.  This year I had hand in designing the booth and being a part of the agenda way up front.   I’ll give you a view of some of the areas we’ll be discussing.

A color changing Sapphire

Data and analytics is critical.  How does it fit in your strategy?  IBM will help you look at the Next Generation Analytics by examining the advances in disruptive technology around mobile, big data, and in-memory computing.  IBM Next Generation Analytics is about applying these tools and capabilities to your data to radically improve decision making and serve as a basis for competitive advantage.  Become  a disruptor in your industry and not the victim of disruption.

Customer are smart and you have to achieve customer insight.  Over 60% or more of major purchases begin with internet research.  They can do their research standing in your physical store with mobile applications like Buyvia, Amazon Price Check, PriceGrabber .  You have to be smarter.  You can achieve customer insight.  IBM can show how manufacturers can develop relationships with the end consumer.  How to align your channel partners and suppliers to focus on the right products, price, and profit.  How to explore and expand your relationships using the data you already possess with SAP to keep up with your savvy consumers.

Business is about elevating the human potential, not just cool new technologies.  How do you make an effective workforce with a new generation of workers.  They’ve never seen a punch card, a character based display, and they want the world to work like an smartphone.  We as leaders, and as SAP professionals, need to change our ways to integrate the younger 20-somethings view of world into our corporate cultures.  Let us help you change work, and we can show you how exciting work can be, again.

If you come to Sapphire bring rain coat and boots, because with so many clouds at Sapphire, it is going to rain.  IBM is no exception.  We’ll be showing off our view of the cloud for SAP.  We’ll have real examples of clients who building their SAP solutions in the IBM cloud.  We also can talk about our clients who are building and using agile SAP SaaS solutions like SuccessFactors, Customer for Cloud, and Ariba.  Even more important, let’s talk about the hybrid reality.  No one is 100% in the cloud, so how do you architect, build, and run today’s hybrid SAP world?  We’ll have some great demos, experts, and answers at Sapphire.

Now that I’m part of the process putting on Sapphire and not just showing up with presentations and demos, I’m learning it is HUGE piece of work.  I’m blown away by our booth design.

Please come by, say hello, discuss SAP topics, and let us know what you think of our booth.  I think you’ll be impressed, but I’m biased.  I would really welcome your feedback.  You can ask for me, Chuck, by name or ask for Doreen, Carmen, or Lynn who will be out front coordinating our efforts.  Let us know if we can help you and give us your feedback.  I look forward to seeing you at Sapphire.

IBM Corporate Technical Strategy Executive / Distinguished Engineer

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