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Transform Human Capital Management for the Digital Era

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Human Capital ManagementHow is the Human Capital Management taking the digital era challenges?

We are at the forefront of the Era of Digital Transformation; a time when two storm fronts are rapidly starting to converge on the way we do business today.  The first front is owned by technology and dominated by emerging trends like virtualization, cloud, cognitive, and the Internet of Things. The second front is owned by people, more specifically a millennial generation that demands constant growth and seamless integration between technology in their work and personal lives.

At the eye of the storm we find Human Capital Management and never before has the opportunity been greater for Human Resources (HR) to lead the transformation of people and technology in the digital era.

Agility is not an option; it’s a necessity in today’s evolving business environment.  Despite the fact that technologies like cloud, mobile, and cognitive are still in their infancy, they are quickly revolutionizing the way HR professionals manage human capital.  As we continue to learn about the potential of these platforms it is imperative that the ability to transform becomes engrained in our day-to-day operations.  With SAP-SuccessFactors Human Capital Management suite, HR leaders are not only empowered with technology, but the agility to lead sustainable change across the enterprise.

IBM’s global C-suite Study[1] highlighted several themes where HR can help corporations adapt to the demands of doing business in the digital economy.  These themes address talent acquisition, continuous workforce planning, capturing the employee voice, and improving the employee experience.  The SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite in partnership with IBM services is positioned to rapidly deliver solutions that leverage cloud, analytics, social, mobile, and cognitive technologies to address each of these themes for our clients.

As we continue to identify new challenges brought on by the Era of Digital Transformation we begin to realize that change does not begin with infrastructure- it begins with employees.  Having a workforce that is highly engaged and agile, with the skill sets required to meet new challenges in the market is central to disrupting competition. SAP-SuccessFactors HCM suite offers HR leaders the platform needed to rapidly transform a business’ most valuable asset- its people.

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[1] IBM, “Redefining Boundaries Insights from the Global C-suite Study”

Global SAP SuccessFactors Leader

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