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Transform your Business, with the Art of the Possible

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“Transform” has been said many times but it has never held more potential…Digital transformation is here!

Digital transformationAs we head into final SAPPHIRE preparations, I wanted to share a personal perspective on the IBM-SAP Digital Partnership journey to bring to this initiative to life for our clients. We have said that we will combine the best of IBM and SAP. As the global leader of this important partnership, I can assure you that we are making good on that promise. The thought leadership being produced by our first time ever collaboration between IBM’s Institute of Business Value (IBV), SAP’s Industry Value Engineering and industry and CXO thought leaders from both sides will provide tremendous insights to our customers about what the new definition of “transform” truly means.

The solutions we have built with our customers and in our lab represent the art of the possible. These possibilities will help create and speed the business case for the adoption of the next generation of SAP. They will create a differentiated competitive advantage, lead to new revenue models and impact human life in ways never deemed possible. Our work to expand the capabilities of our deployment offerings in Cloud and HANA on Power will ensure our clients maximize their investments in these solutions. Finally, our investment in iOS applications through our Apple partnership provides us with 100 industrial grade apps and proven integration via HCP to answer the call of the recently announced SAP and Apple partnership.

What does the digital transformation mean for your business?

While we have said the word “transform” many times in the last 20 years, it has never held so much possibility. Virtually my entire career has been spent helping clients “transform” with SAP. However, when I think about what that has meant in the past, it has meant streamlining steps in a process, reducing manual effort through the use of technology solutions and optimizing user experiences – all important and extremely valuable to our clients. However, this is not where the biggest business impact is created when we discuss “transform” opportunities today as the game has changed. The modernization of the digital core supported by the migration to S/4HANA has enabled bold new potential catalyzed by a real-time platform with predictive and big data capability.  When we combine this evolution with the latest technologies in cognitive, machine learning and design experience and leverage data like weather and trends in new ways, the possibilities are truly endless for a succesfull digital transformation. Watching this understanding come to life with our proof of concept customers has been a thrilling experience.

We are now inviting our customers to join us on this journey. Jointly with SAP, we will invest in helping them understand that their migrations present an opportunity for real change. We will jointly explore their biggest business challenges and create solutions that provide actionable insights on a whole new level. Think of a world where master data mistakes are a thing of the past or where inventory and channel decisions are fully optimized by trend insights. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the capabilities that the combined technologies offer and know our clients will challenge the great minds at IBM and SAP to unlock the full potential these solutions hold. We look forward to sharing our progress at SAPPHIRE!

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