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Employee Transformations – Embracing the future!

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Welcome to my blog about transformation, OCM, and learning!  I am excited to participate in this dialogue with you.

Transformation happens to everyone, doesn’t it?  My own life has been a series of transformations.  I grew up on the beaches of California, and for a short stint as a “military brat”, was forced out of my comfort zone and into the unchartered waters of Frankfurt, Germany where I attended high school  —a place that taught me the value of diversity as a non-German speaker in a German school, and humility and regard for the underdog!

College brought me back to Los Angeles, UCLA that is, , and then I experienced a huge bi-coastal transformation  getting my MBA at Harvard Business School.   Imagine it—going from beach sandals to an Ivy League sweater in one week!

I have spent 20+ years leading and delivering business transformation to Fortune 500 companies and currently lead IBM’s Transformation COE.. and now starting this blog as a place where we can explore ideas and trends together.

Our focus for 2014

This year, we are using an employee life cycle approach to solve the dilemmas of today’s workforce.  It’s a human engagement model focused on how an employee engages with SAP rather than the traditional project stages.  There are three main elements that describe today’s environment:

The workforce is changing.

SAP client end-users look and feel very different than they did 20 years ago. There is a revolution going on in our employee ranks—it is being made up more and more by Gen Xers and Millenials.    Today’s traditional decision-makers are sending emails to the younger workforce—but nobody’s reading them!  Now that’s a generation gap!  This more progressive population communicates and interacts differently—they blog, tweet, collaborate socially and also want to interact with their SAP systems like a consumer. They will change the way we deploy SAP.


People use technology differently today.

People—young and old—are much more tuned into technology today than they used to be.  They demand solutions that were not possible only 5 years ago. And regardless of age, users want to consume information on demand—wherever they are—and on the device of their choice.  Managing user adoption drives us to think about SAP as not a one-time thing (the Wedding) but as an ongoing relationship across the SAP lifecycle (the Marriage). Technology enables—and drives—us to totally reconsider how we engage the workforce.

People learn differently too.

We must also reconsider the way we conduct SAP training—it has to be mobile, on demand, and fun!  The sun is setting on traditional instructor-led training.  The focus today is on virtual, eLearning and mobile learning solutions.  Serious games are becoming prevalent—they are being used not only in our schools but also in organizations of every size.  Different learning strategies are necessary.


I find the idea of “going viral” the most exciting prospect for transforming organizations.  We need to move faster—going viral allows that.  Communication can no longer be tops-down—people want to hear from both leaders and respected peers—at the same time.  Learning must also go viral—we don’t have time to put everyone into a classroom anymore.  Hierarchies are disappearing.  Technology will hasten that fact and I’m excited to create solutions that keep pace.


So—that’s my part of the dialogue.  Now it’s your turn!  Please comment here and answer one or more of the following questions:

  1. What organizational needs do you see emerging from the changing workforce demographic?
  2. What trends are you seeing in organizations today?  How are they affecting your change and learning delivery?
  3. How might we incorporate the idea of “going viral” into our change and learning activities?
  4. What would you like to hear more about in my blog?  Provide your input and I’ll try to address topics as needed.


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