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Embed the Voice of the Consumer into your Operations with IBM SAP Co-innovation DSiM

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Empowered customers are changing the market rules – especially Consumer Products Companies are feeling this power more and more. For example a typical trade promotion of a CPG company yields minus 10 to minus 19 percent of ROI – if you think about the Marketing Budget of a CPG Company being very often ten or more percent of their total revenue. You can do the math how a company’s bottom line can benefit by just improving their trade Promotions ROI by one percent.

Approx. 75% of all product launches fail since the products are not developed consumer driven & has very long development cycles (approx. 27.5 month from idea to capable product in average).

Fortunately there is a remedy to overcome the enhanced need for demand sensing and shaping capabilities to address above mentioned challenges – the IBM SAP CO Innovation Demand Signal Management (DSiM) Platform.

DSiM acts as an enterprise platform that integrates all different kinds of internal and external data sources including:

–          Retailer Point-of-Sale data

–          Market Research Data from various institutes

–          Social Media data such as sentiments

–          Wholesaler or distributor data

–          Internal master and transactional data from the SAP business suite, such as ERP master data, shipments, CRM promotional information, etc.

This solution not only integrates different types of information, but also brings it to a common level for combined reporting capabilities, acting as a single source of truth for analysis as well as follow-up actions.

With DSiM, companies can more easily integrate demand signal data into the fabric of company operations. Integration with core SAP modules such as APO, EWM, TPM and TPO acts as a force multiplier to your existing SAP benefits.

Interested in learning more ?

We invite you to visit us at SAPPHIRENOW – Booth 314 to hear more about tapping the power of DSiM for your organization. You could meet me at booth number 416 – IBM Client Center- Lab for SAP Solutions to have a deep dive discussion on demand signal management for your organization.

Gunnar I. Pietrass, PMP                                      

Go to Market Leader DSiM, Europe

IBM Global Business Services

Business Development Executive Internet of Things

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