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Customer Experience: Insights from IBM and SAP experts

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Customer expectations are high. Are you meeting them? In our recent crowd chat, we discussed disruptive customer experience, which is when a company creates an experience so much better than the rest of the market that it causes customers to change their habits. IBM and SAP experts weighed in on how this is changing business.

Below is a curation of some of the best insights from the chat. A special thanks to our participants who shared their knowledge and views. Read the entire chat transcript here.


What are the most important components of the customer experience?

  • Every customer has different tolerance for what will make or break their experience. If I had to pick though, it would be consistency and context across the entire customer journey.  Johann Wrede
  • Listen, understand, then act. The trick is doing this at scale, in real time, in a very personal way. Donovan Guin


What is context and why is it disruptive as it relates to customer experience?

  • Context is the information about what the customer is doing that can make a meaningful difference. If the customer is searching for product info while in the store, they are much more likely to buy at that moment. Offer customers more store specific information, a discount code to buy now and a click for help button that calls a service rep in the store. – Donovan Guin
  • Context is about knowing what a customer has done, what they’re doing now and what they are hoping to accomplish. If you tailor every interaction – whether digital or human – the full picture of what the customer has done, is doing and through predictive analysis, what they seem to want to accomplish, the experience will be far superior – Johann Wrede


What changes in the market are driving companies to engage their customers differently?

  • The gap between the pace of change in the technology consumers are using, versus the pace at which companies adapt. The gap creates opportunities for new, more agile players to enter and disrupt. Consumers are bringing their expectations of digital first into the workplace, whereas B2B buyers, they expect the same thing. Donovan Guin
  • Technology adoption is fundamentally changing people’s expectations for CX. Pokemon GO hit 50M downloads in 19 days. Companies are challenged to keep up with this pace to stay relevant and engaging. Johann Wrede
  • Millennials in work force and otherwise, are driving this change as well. My undergrad college students do not take paper tests, they will not pick up the phone and call customer service, but texting will work :)! Seema Thomas


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