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Three things I learned from clients in 2017 about digital transformation

I started 2018 thinking about resolutions and goals, and reflecting on the prior year; the things I want to accomplish in the New Year, both personally and professionally, and what I learned in 2017. It was only six months ago that I stepped into my role leading the IBM Global Next Gen Enterprise Cloud Applications […]

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Enabling industry disruption while being disrupted

High-tech companies develop devices and technologies on which digital interactions take place. These interactions create massive amounts of valuable data that enable industry disruption. But while they’re creating the very tools required for digital disruption, these companies themselves are not immune to their own displacement by revolutionary innovators. Industries are converging, creating huge opportunities, but […]

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Not all client journeys are the same: 10 questions every business needs to ask for SAP S/4HANA

Last week, I blogged about the considerations for a business’ digital reinvention journey. This week we’ll be discussing a number of immediate of questions as to what S/4HANA means for an organization’s mission critical systems. For example: What is the value of moving to S/4HANA, what’s the Business case? How disruptive is this going to […]

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SAP S/4HANA as the Digital ERP core for organizations on a Digital Reinvention journey

Organizations face tremendous disruption as their businesses are being redefined and re-invented. Their enterprises need to become digitally enabled, they need to reduce the complexity of their landscapes and adopt change at unprecedented speed. Most struggle with legacy analog processes or systems that are unable to keep pace with the needs of the business – […]

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Fixed Asset Accounting in SAP S/4 HANA – A Case Study

We wanted to provide a preview to our Sapphire session being jointly presented with Ambuj, Helene and Alicia from Schlumberger on May 18th. In the presentation coming next Thursday, we will provide Schlumberger specific challenges related to Asset Accounting and how SAP S/4 HANA toolset helped simplify the business processes and developed a tighter integration between […]

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Accelerate Month-End Close by Using SAP S/4HANA for Intercompany Reconciliation

I wanted to provide a preview to my Sapphire session being jointly presented with with Helene and Oyin from Schlumberger on May 18th. In the presentation coming next Thursday, we will provide Schlumberger specific challenges related to Intercompany Reconciliation and how SAP S/4 HANA toolset was used to accelerate the month end close process. The […]

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Top Insights from our #DigitalReinvention Chat You Won’t Want to Miss

Digital transformation has evolved into more than a future possibility in the back of our collective business cognition. It’s now a necessity to begin the process of digitally reinventing your business – it’s a matter of survival to survive and thrive in the modern marketplace. With SAPPHIRE 2017 on our doorstep, we hosted a CrowdChat […]

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HANA VORA: SAP’s OLAP Tool for Big Data

To set the context, let’s examine the evolution and challenges of big data platform  Over the past few years, the interest and excitement around Big Data has been on the rise. Businesses have already begun their Big Data journey with pilots and full blown implementations. However, the fact is that the Big Data opportunities are […]

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Three Companies Driving Digital Transformation

You’ve heard about it; your company made it a priority for 2017, but how do you achieve digital transformation?  The task seems daunting, especially when you read headlines like 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. With most of the IT budget going to transformation projects, you’ve got to be amongst the 16% who succeed. […]

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2017 Retail Trends That CMOs Shouldn’t Miss

CMOs need to be on top of their game in 2017. As the new year opens, certain trends are re-shaping how consumers shop, not the least of which is the continuing change in consumer behavior. Now more than ever, customers expect a 360-degree shopping experience that puts their needs first. In fact, the companies that […]

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Digital Transformation: Make it Real

In the last few months, my conversation with clients quickly turned to a technology or a customer experience discussion. While both are important aspects of digital transformation, I believe it takes more than that to reinvent your company. Technology adoption or digitization alone do not equate to digital transformation. However, technology can serve as a […]

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CFOs Three Keys to Success for Digital Transformation

In the recent IBM study, CFOs identified industry convergence, competition and commotion as having the biggest impact on their business. To face these challenges, CFOs must take on new responsibilities and use data to spot opportunities and challenges. Top CFOs are rising to the challenge and finding success in the age of disruption CFOs identified […]

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