Chart the course of your SAP S/4HANA migration with an impact assessment

According to the 2018 IBM Global C-suite Study, the rules around disruption have changed. In years past, startups and industry newcomers were typically considered the driving force behind innovation. Now, by taking advantage of their ecosystem advantages and reinventing their digital infrastructures, industry incumbents are increasingly moving into the leading role. In fact, 72 percent […]

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Three things I learned from clients in 2017 about digital transformation

I started 2018 thinking about resolutions and goals, and reflecting on the prior year; the things I want to accomplish in the New Year, both personally and professionally, and what I learned in 2017. It was only six months ago that I stepped into my role leading the IBM Global Next Gen Enterprise Cloud Applications […]

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IBM and SAP Alliance

Are you ready to reinvent your business? Make the digital transformation with IBM and SAP.

Small doesn’t necessarily mean simple: Implementing SAP S/4HANA and SAP MII

Just 10 short years ago, OMR Group was a small automotive company, based in Italy, with two owners and 50 or so employees. They were satisfied with the paper-based manual processes and systems that OMR had used for over 40 years. But OMR had the drive and ambition to move to the future and expand […]

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