Mobile presents the opportunity to rethink the way your business interacts with customers, employees and partners. As an always-connected communications tool, it is a unique platform to build intimacy with your desired audience. Join us in discussing the ever-evolving trends and technology.

The art of making secure mobile choices……

In the consumer driven economy the power of data and its impact on customer engagement is prevalently well known. What is lesser known, is its parallel universe of enterprise data security, where the loss of data plays into the Billions of Dollars, and is a CIO’s biggest obstacle. This could be a mobile device that […]

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What is the “BEST” way to approach mobile in your enterprise?

Well am happy to report that there is in fact a BEST way to address your enterprise mobility needs. Its critical to understand that Enterprise Mobility can be as empowering and enjoyable as mobile for the end consumers like that of angry birds or even the mint app. The BEST approach basically entails getting back […]

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IBM and SAP Alliance

Are you ready to reinvent your business? Make the digital transformation with IBM and SAP.

5 reasons to attend a complimentary IBM Mobile Experience Workshop

5 reasons to attend a complimentary IBM Mobile Experience Workshop By Scott Geddes, Mobility Center of Excellence Leader With mobilized SAP apps, individuals can do things once thought impossible, make decisions in real-time at the point of activity with apps that provide that familiar Apple experience—without a time-consuming learning curve. But where should you start? […]

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IBM, Apple, and SAP D-Code (aka TechEd)

IBM and Apple’s announcement important to SAP  because SAP is the source that many of these developing Mobile First applications will plug into. You can read more about the overall partnership here. SAP clients have invested a lot of time and energy to get their processes and data standardized and optimized for the business. How […]

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