IT Infrastructure and Analytics

Use new tools and technologies to generate value and create transformative customer experiences. Providing exceptional customer experiences is about more than just a shift in technology — it is about remaking your processes and ensuring greater support for your customers, suppliers, and workforce.

Faster SAP BW

There are options to making an existing SAP BW quicker including, but not only, SAP HANA.  The question is what do you want to speed up and what is it worth to your organization?  I often hear that a query runs too long, but then I find that the person who reads the results doesn’t […]

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Get what YOU want – How Watson and HANA Redefine Loyalty Marketing

The history of marketing, like the history of technology, is defined by significant time periods or eras. Furthermore, most if not all of these marketing eras were preceded and enabled by foundational technologies. The era we are now entering — what you could call the era of loyalty marketing — also requires its foundational technologies. […]

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IBM and SAP Alliance

Are you ready to reinvent your business? Make the digital transformation with IBM and SAP.

I heard you were dead IT and SaaS killed you

Everyone keeps declaring IT (Corporate Information Technology) dead from SaaS.  Nothing could further from the truth.   In the  dystopic science fiction (SciFi) movie “Escape from New York” , everyone Snake Plissken, a one-eyed grisly bad boy fighter, meets says “I heard you were dead Snake“.  Like Snake, IT will survive and even thrive through being adaptable […]

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