IT Infrastructure and Analytics

Use new tools and technologies to generate value and create transformative customer experiences. Providing exceptional customer experiences is about more than just a shift in technology — it is about remaking your processes and ensuring greater support for your customers, suppliers, and workforce.

IBM SAP Smarter Retail Solution

IBM SAP Smarter Retail is on the rise! Over the past four decades, we have been witnessing the technology revolution era. Innovations like the internet, smart devices, Facebook and Twitter transformed the end consumers’ demands and positioned new business requirements into the retail industry, but are retailers ready to meet those requirements? The truth is […]

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SAP clients take rapid strides with IBM Cloud

In October 2014, SAP announced that it has selected IBM as a premier strategic provider of Cloud infrastructure services for its business critical applications – accelerating clients’ ability to run core business in the cloud. Just a few months after the historic announcement of a premier cloud partnership between IBM and SAP, clients started getting […]

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IBM and SAP Alliance

Are you ready to reinvent your business? Make the digital transformation with IBM and SAP.

SAP S/4 HANA – OLTP on OLAP system – changing the backoffice

If SAP’s vision of S/4 HANA becomes real with Simple Finance and Simple Logistics being the start of the rewrite of ERP then the S/4 database will become the analytics database that runs all the backoffice transactions of your business with connections to the SaaS based systems and will make real-time business a reality. While […]

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Check your readiness for transformation towards Cloud

Expert guidance to prepare yourself for a transformation towards cloud SAP is powering forward with their transformation towards a cloud company and has chosen IBM as premier strategic provider of Cloud infrastructure services. The changing business dynamics is a challenge for the customer base from the business as well as from the IT perspective. With […]

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The Power of Teams

TEAMWORK—AND ITS EFFECT ON RESULTS I’m a big American football fan. On any given weekend in the fall, you’ll find me at our local University football game or cheering on my local professional team, the Denver Broncos. Win or lose, my family and I have fun getting behind a team and supporting them as fans! […]

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Apple-IBM Collaboration – the magic

Apple and IBM are aligned on the critical areas, but come from different work cultures.  Everyone has been enamored by the cultural differences.  Gym shoes vs. Dress shoes.  Tees vs. Button-downs and blouses.  Jeans vs. well just about every other male and female business and business casual attire.  California vs. New York. All of this […]

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How Playing A Game Can Lead To Executive Alignment

What an opportunity! After we conducted 18 interviews, we found that only half of the executives at our client company had a good idea of SAP’s capability to enable business transformation. The other half had no idea at all! We decided some executive education was in order—and ordered up a full dose of ERPSim—a serious […]

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SapphireNOW 2014—What an Experience…

…and I am talking about User Experience. Sapphire’s first day was devoted to improving User Experience, a subject near and dear to my heart. The conference started with an announcement from Bill McDermott—CEO of SAP—that Personas and Fiori will now be included for free, as part of the underlying SAP license costs. While these products […]

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IBM Research with SAP

IBM spends over USD 7 billion annually on Research and Development. Two years ago, I had the chance to actually see this research in action. SAP HANA was the new kid on the block with SAP geeks chasing after it; I was one of them. As it happened by mentor in IBM referred me to […]

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Make the Jump from Descriptive to Predictive in SAP HANA

Why predictive analytics? In an IDC report sponsored by IBM, it was reported that the median ROI of a predictive analytics project is 250%.  Yet, many SAP customers are primarily focused on tackling traditional descriptive analytics projects with business cases based on availability and correctness of information in addition to productivity.  While there is certainly […]

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SAP BW: Dead or Alive?

In a recent interview with Vishal Sikka, CIO of SAP, the question popped up, “Is SAP BW on the death bed?”. Vishal gave a very succinct reason why this is not going to happen any time soon – businesses still need to combine data from multiple sources, not just ERP alone. To add, when data […]

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IBM won SAP Pinnacle award “Quality Partner of the Year”. Great! – But what’s in for clients?

Let’s face it: Awards are a marketing tool. On one side they are used to motivate a potential award winner. On the flip side, they are great for the winner to stick on marketing materials, sales presentations and other fancy stuff. But when you clear away all the pixie-dust, the question remaining is: Why does […]

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