IT Infrastructure and Analytics

Use new tools and technologies to generate value and create transformative customer experiences. Providing exceptional customer experiences is about more than just a shift in technology — it is about remaking your processes and ensuring greater support for your customers, suppliers, and workforce.

What if you could keep track of customer preferences at the city and neighborhood level or better yet predict them?

When the Brewers are playing in Milwaukee, beer starts flying off the shelves. When the Doo-Dah parade marches in Columbus, Ohio, water pistols suddenly surge. And when the Blue Angels fly over Seattle, sales of sunglasses soar. Each of these local events has a profound impact on the behaviors of the people who live there. […]

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Five strategic priorities for digitalization across IM&C businesses

Digitalization has already reached almost every aspect of today’s life and will no doubt embed itself further into our personal and business lives. For the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) industry, new and exciting opportunities are provided by advances in hyper-connectivity, automation, cloud computing, big data and analytics, computing on the edge, machine learning, augmented […]

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IBM and SAP Alliance

Are you ready to reinvent your business? Make the digital transformation with IBM and SAP.

A case for a business case: SAP S/4HANA

Three years ago, on a chilly Tuesday morning during the winter of 2015, after ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), SAP announced its next generation S/4HANA ERP solution in a highly orchestrated press conference as the Exchange opened for another day of trading. However, recent figures show that out of […]

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HANA VORA: SAP’s OLAP Tool for Big Data

To set the context, let’s examine the evolution and challenges of big data platform  Over the past few years, the interest and excitement around Big Data has been on the rise. Businesses have already begun their Big Data journey with pilots and full blown implementations. However, the fact is that the Big Data opportunities are […]

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Roadmap Dilemma in the Era of S/4HANA Analytics

Business analytics solutions struggle with defining the difference between operational analytics and strategic analytics. Based on my experience working on multiple BI projects for clients over the years, I see that the majority of reporting requirements are centered around operational reporting. Business process owner are now realizing the need for strategic analytics. Here’s a quick […]

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IBM’s Enterprise Analytics Reference Architecture

The proliferation of data generated by enterprise applications, internet of things (IoT), sensors and click streams has presented a plethora of business opportunities to get closer to the customer and gain profitable insights. Our clients & their respective IT departments face the daunting task to provide a complete end to end framework to capture, analyze […]

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Altiscale Acquisition – SAP’s Journey into the Big Data World

SAP’s recent acquisition of Altiscale will help expand their offerings in the big data world. Let’s talk about the key aspects of Altiscale business, the probable benefits and scenarios where SAP can leverage this acquisition and how it will impact customers. Altiscale is best known as a cloud provider in Hadoop as a  service (HaaS) .It […]

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BW/4 HANA – First Impressions on SAP’s Latest BW Product

Let’s discuss SAP’s BW/4 HANA, the latest offering in the HANA roadmap for our customers. Here’s my perspective on the reasons behind creating the product and impacts this solution has for you as the customer with a roadmap outline of how to eventually move to BW/4 HANA. What is BW/4 HANA? SAP BW/4 HANA is […]

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Landmark Projects Redefining IT and Business Outcomes

Technology is driving major economic shifts by transforming consumer expectations, organizational models and competition. Over half of the customer value proposition for products and services will be derived from digital in the next three years according to Senior Vice President of Gartner Research, Peter Sondergaard. It’s easy to see why IT departments are feeling pressured […]

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Moving your SAP Apps to the Cloud: Cost Drivers and Implementation Options

According to a recent SAP Insider Webcast, 40% of you have not even started to evaluate SAP HANA. The other 60% of you are in various states of evaluating, planning or implementing SAP HANA.  This article is for those of you who are seeking guidance on how to get started and what to look for […]

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Driving Digital Transformation with IBM Cloud and SAP

IBM has always been at the forefront of cloud technology as a pioneer in both hosting and virtualization, the key characteristics of cloud as we know it today. The digital transformation for cloud is now at the horizon! What is the impact of digital transformation for cloud? As part of our cloud journey, we have […]

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S4HANA 1511: Seismic Shifts in the SAP world

Curious about S4HANA? Look no further! SAP has taken a gutsy approach to modernizing the entire code base of their 30+ year old ERP. This is bringing an unprecedented wave of changes in the SAP landscape. For instance, in the last few months, Simple Logistics was split up into Simple Supply Chain, HR, etc. Then the “Simple” […]

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