SAP HANA and Analytics Leader

S4HANA 1511: Seismic Shifts in the SAP world

Curious about S4HANA? Look no further! SAP has taken a gutsy approach to modernizing the entire code base of their 30+ year old ERP. This is bringing an unprecedented wave of changes in the SAP landscape. For instance, in the last few months, Simple Logistics was split up into Simple Supply Chain, HR, etc. Then the “Simple” […]

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IBM Research with SAP

IBM spends over USD 7 billion annually on Research and Development. Two years ago, I had the chance to actually see this research in action. SAP HANA was the new kid on the block with SAP geeks chasing after it; I was one of them. As it happened by mentor in IBM referred me to […]

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SAP BW: Dead or Alive?

In a recent interview with Vishal Sikka, CIO of SAP, the question popped up, “Is SAP BW on the death bed?”. Vishal gave a very succinct reason why this is not going to happen any time soon – businesses still need to combine data from multiple sources, not just ERP alone. To add, when data […]

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