Digital Reinvention

Three Challenges CMOs are Facing in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is here across all industries – creating disruption in the business landscape as organizations embrace digital reinvention and transformation. So what do we mean with Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means different things to different people: For some it’s about technology For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers And […]


Transform Human Capital Management for the Digital Era

How is the Human Capital Management taking the digital era challenges? We are at the forefront of the Era of Digital Transformation; a time when two storm fronts are rapidly starting to converge on the way we do business today.  The first front is owned by technology and dominated by emerging trends like virtualization, cloud, […]

Is Blockchain the next big thing in Omnichannel technology?

Blockchain is getting a lot of attention as a technology poised to disrupt the Financial Services industry. But its potential is far reaching, and has implications for many industries including retail, and may be the thing that makes Omnichannel a reality. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is the technology at the core of digital currencies such […]

How to Stay Ahead in the Age of Industry Convergence

Is your business really growing? Are you ahead of the curve or just trying keep up with the competition? Well, according to the IBM annual C-suite study the boundaries of competition are blurring more than ever. Six out of ten CEOs list industry convergence as their primary concern, as new organizations such as Uber and […]

Launch of Digital Transformation Cognitive Solutions

Sapphire is the most significant event in the SAP industry and is just round the corner. IBM has recently announced the launch of the Digital Transformation partnership with SAP and innovative cognitive solutions. The LSS (Lab for Sap Solutions) at IBM GBS which I run, has been leading the development charge in driving this exciting […]

Transform your Business, with the Art of the Possible

“Transform” has been said many times but it has never held more potential…Digital transformation is here! As we head into final SAPPHIRE preparations, I wanted to share a personal perspective on the IBM-SAP Digital Partnership journey to bring to this initiative to life for our clients. We have said that we will combine the best […]

Be up for the Move to Digital Reinvention

The new digital landscape has arrived and organizations will either flourish or wither away in this new battleground. Digital reinvention means you need to reimagine business models and be proactive before new competitors enter the market. What is Digital Reinvention So what do we mean by digital reinvention? It means different things to different people: […]

Driving Digital Transformation with IBM Cloud and SAP

IBM has always been at the forefront of cloud technology as a pioneer in both hosting and virtualization, the key characteristics of cloud as we know it today. The digital transformation for cloud is now at the horizon! What is the impact of digital transformation for cloud? As part of our cloud journey, we have […]

Recap: Top Insights From Our IBMSAPCOGNITIVE Chat You Won’t Want To Miss

The digital economy is forcing companies and many industries to completely reinvent their business models. Our IBMSAPCOGNITIVE chat discussed this particular topic. Following the recent announcement of the IBM and SAP partnership for digital transformation, we hosted a Crowdchat session to fuel the discussion around the digital shift businesses are facing today. During IBMSAPCOGNITIVE chat, […]

Top 3 areas of focus for clients driving digital reinvention

Digital reinvention is not the future, but the present! How long before another new technology turns an antiquated business model on its head? It’s happening across all industries and we’ve seen the results. AirBnB has put a huge dent in the hotel industry, Uber is now the go-to taxi service in major cities around the […]

Putting Digital Reinvention to work – experience it live at the Expert Bar at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

Next stop for your business: digital reinvention! IBM and SAP have recently announced investments to co-innovate solutions that increase customer value through cognitive extensions, enhanced customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality — all enabled with SAP® Business Suite 4 SAP HANA® (SAP S/4HANA) software, available on premise and in the cloud. — But what […]

S4HANA 1511: Seismic Shifts in the SAP world

Curious about S4HANA? Look no further! SAP has taken a gutsy approach to modernizing the entire code base of their 30+ year old ERP. This is bringing an unprecedented wave of changes in the SAP landscape. For instance, in the last few months, Simple Logistics was split up into Simple Supply Chain, HR, etc. Then the “Simple” […]