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2017 Retail Trends That CMOs Shouldn’t Miss

CMOs need to be on top of their game in 2017. As the new year opens, certain trends are re-shaping how consumers shop, not the least of which is the continuing change in consumer behavior. Now more than ever, customers expect a 360-degree shopping experience that puts their needs first. In fact, the companies that […]

Thought Leadership

Digital Transformation: Make it Real

In the last few months, my conversation with clients quickly turned to a technology or a customer experience discussion. While both are important aspects of digital transformation, I believe it takes more than that to reinvent your company. Technology adoption or digitization alone do not equate to digital transformation. However, technology can serve as a […]

Thought Leadership

CFOs Three Keys to Success for Digital Transformation

In the recent IBM study, CFOs identified industry convergence, competition and commotion as having the biggest impact on their business. To face these challenges, CFOs must take on new responsibilities and use data to spot opportunities and challenges. Top CFOs are rising to the challenge and finding success in the age of disruption CFOs identified […]

Three Companies Driving Digital Transformation

You’ve heard about it; your company made it a priority for 2017, but how do you achieve digital transformation?  The task seems daunting, especially when you read headlines like 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. With most of the IT budget going to transformation projects, you’ve got to be amongst the 16% who succeed. […]

IBM’s Enterprise Analytics Reference Architecture

The proliferation of data generated by enterprise applications, internet of things (IoT), sensors and click streams has presented a plethora of business opportunities to get closer to the customer and gain profitable insights. Our clients & their respective IT departments face the daunting task to provide a complete end to end framework to capture, analyze […]

DIY Giant Praktiker Drives Rocketing Sales

When the roof falls in, how will you cope? The 2008 global financial crisis shook the foundations of the housebuilding industry. As looming uncertainty rattled the nerves of consumers and corporate investors alike, many construction and home improvement projects were shelved. For DIY companies such as Praktiker, this news spelled disaster. Declining sales struck its […]

Altiscale Acquisition – SAP’s Journey into the Big Data World

SAP’s recent acquisition of Altiscale will help expand their offerings in the big data world. Let’s talk about the key aspects of Altiscale business, the probable benefits and scenarios where SAP can leverage this acquisition and how it will impact customers. Altiscale is best known as a cloud provider in Hadoop as a  service (HaaS) .It […]

BW/4 HANA – First Impressions on SAP’s Latest BW Product

Let’s discuss SAP’s BW/4 HANA, the latest offering in the HANA roadmap for our customers. Here’s my perspective on the reasons behind creating the product and impacts this solution has for you as the customer with a roadmap outline of how to eventually move to BW/4 HANA. What is BW/4 HANA? SAP BW/4 HANA is […]

Landmark Projects Redefining IT and Business Outcomes

Technology is driving major economic shifts by transforming consumer expectations, organizational models and competition. Over half of the customer value proposition for products and services will be derived from digital in the next three years according to Senior Vice President of Gartner Research, Peter Sondergaard. It’s easy to see why IT departments are feeling pressured […]

Customer Experience: Insights from IBM and SAP experts

Customer expectations are high. Are you meeting them? In our recent crowd chat, we discussed disruptive customer experience, which is when a company creates an experience so much better than the rest of the market that it causes customers to change their habits. IBM and SAP experts weighed in on how this is changing business. […]

Beyond CRM: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Built for Your Industry

Over the years, many companies have opted for a cloud-based solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But many have held back, due to concerns that their business model was too unique for a generic, all-purpose solution. Now, they can have both, thanks to an updated offering from SAP Hybris. Recently, the company announced the latest […]

Moving your SAP Apps to the Cloud: Cost Drivers and Implementation Options

According to a recent SAP Insider Webcast, 40% of you have not even started to evaluate SAP HANA. The other 60% of you are in various states of evaluating, planning or implementing SAP HANA.  This article is for those of you who are seeking guidance on how to get started and what to look for […]

Join IBM for the SAP Hybris Americas Summit

As a Platinum Partner and sponsor for this year’s SAP Hybris Americas Summit, IBM will be leading two breakout tracks throughout the conference. Paul St. Germain, IBM’s Wholesale Distribution Industry Leader and author of Facing the Forces of Change®: Navigating the Seas of Disruption, will lead the first session on customer engagement in the age […]

Five Technologies CIOs Expect to Revolutionize Business

CIOs everywhere realize the barriers between formerly distinct industries are collapsing, as companies in one sector apply their expertise to others – producing new hybrids and erasing traditional industry classifications in the process. To avoid being left behind, companies across all industries must have a strategy for implementing a rapid digital reinvention. If not, they […]

Recap: Top Insights from Our HR Disruption Chat You Won’t Want to Miss

In the era of digital transformation, human capital management has the opportunity to lead the transformation of people and technology.  In our recent CrowdChat, we asked IBM and SAP experts to share their views on the disruption, reinvention and other trends in human resources (HR). Below is a curation of some of the best insights […]