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Retail’s Future Arrives Today from IBM Research

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Just what are they thinking?!

Your customers, of course. You need to know. And the clues are all around you. Tweets. Blog posts. Facebook updates. Reddit entries. CRM records. Store associate observations…But how do you make sense of it all?

IBM Research can help and is coming to NRF’s Big Show (January 12–15 in New York City) to show you how:

  • Your customers reveal their unique personality traits and can help you serve each one as an individual – creating ‘Segments of One’
  • Your customers will react to prices and discounts – even before you set them
  • Your customers can ask for product advice – in plain English – on your eCommerce site and get realtime answers, with help from WatsonTM

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Segments of One

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What can you learn from a few tweets? More than you might think.

People reveal their traits through online language and activity – and IBM’s Segments of One infers personality, values, and needs from social media linguistic patterns.

These traits can be used to offer retail products and messages that resonate uniquely with each type of customer. Which traits?

  • Extroversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Openness to Experience

Skeptical? Stop by the IBM booth at NRF to see Segments of One in action.

Intrigued? Share your Twitter handle with us and we’ll build a psychographic profile just for you. Then you can be your very own Segment of One.

More?  Read this:  How IBM’s Michelle Zhou figured out my personality from 200 tweets


Powered by Watson


How Can I Help You 2

What if:

  • Your customers could ask questions on your eCom site and get answers as valuable as those from a store associate?
  • The answers to those questions could help you delight your customers and differentiate your brand?
  • That superior customer experience could convert casual customers into truly valuable, loyal ones?

It’s not fiction. We’re working on this right now with our business partner Fluid.

Skeptical? Stop by the IBM booth at NRF and see a demo of the solution we’re building.

Intrigued? Talk to the IBM Research team behind WatsonTM and learn how this technology is evolving to answer the very real questions your customers want to ask.

More?  Read this:  IBM’s Watson Explores the Great E-Commerce Unknown with The North Face

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Tomorrow’s Pricing Today


Can retailers really do a better job of pricing and discounting by using recent insights into human behavior?

Research tells us yes: Consumers’ response to ‘surprise’ and ‘thrill of the deal’ can not only be modeled, but employed in practice to maximize the effectiveness of your assortments.

See exactly how different pricing and discount combinations change your customers’ propensity to purchase – and see the effect on revenue and profit.

Skeptical? Stop by the IBM booth at NRF and see the IBM Behavioral Pricing solution in action. Live. For real.

Intrigued? Talk to the IBM Research team that’s talking these models out of the lab and into the real world.

More?  Read this:  Cognitive Computing at IBM Research

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See you at Retail’s Big Show!

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