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One Tweet Away: IBM and Sprinklr at NRF 2017

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This blog post is one of many blogs surrounding the 2017 National Retail Federation Retail’s Big Show event in January. To see more on the IBM presence at the event, see the other blog posts or visit the IBM at NRF 2017 landing page.

NRF 2017

Today’s shopper demands innovation, speed and a brand that will take care of them. Serve up too many ad impressions on Facebook, and customers feel pestered or stalked. Don’t respond to a tweet quickly enough, and they will feel ignored.

Personalized customer care is a table-stake for retailers and brands, yet it’s harder than it sounds — as evidenced by the many companies still turning the analog wheel.

IBM and Sprinklr partner to help brands capture the whole view of shopper interactions across channels, old and new. We’re then humanizing that data along the customer’s journey to conversion and purchase, whether the shopper is in the physical mall or browsing on his or her phone.

As the leader in social management for the enterprise, Sprinklr consolidates customer engagement for brands across an ever-growing (26+) collection of social media channels, and through their brand websites, email, SMS and more. Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud™ platform brings marketing, advertising, customer care and more into one integrated view, including social listening and paid social advertising capabilities.

With a combined suite of social and cognitive capabilities, IBM and Sprinklr create seamless, connected customer experiences across all digital channels, and help brands make the digital transformation by unifying their technology and approach to being customer-first.

As a certified IBM Universal Behavior Exchange partner, Sprinklr has enabled the data flow to IBM Cognitive Engagement solutions such as IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Campaign. With these solutions in hand, brands can use Sprinklr to:

  • Create new conversations across channels: Ensure shoppers are receiving tailored, personalized experiences based on behavior in old channels, and continue these conversations effortlessly into new channels.
  • Prospect with multiple data layers: As brands add Sprinklr’s social data layer on top of all their existing customer data with IBM, their holistic view enables end-to-end execution that can truly transform the digital customer journey. For example, brands can create an email audience of high value customers and target look-a-like audiences on social channels for prospecting. Sprinklr can continually update these based on recent customer behavior.
  • Send valuable, Not-Nosy Ads: Brands can leverage Sprinklr’s paid social audience capability to target and nurture more personalized ads based on an email campaign audience from IBM. Meanwhile, suppress ads to those who already engaged on email, purchased or aren’t relevant to the campaign.

Your customers are one tweet away. Are you?


Sprinklr will be on display at IBM’s booth, so come to Booth #1720 to see it in action. You can also meet the Sprinklr team at their Booth #4352. Learn more about our integration and check out Sprinklr on IBM’s Marketplace!

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