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Improve business agility as you make the journey to the cloud

The cloud continues to be something that is frequently talked about but the journey to get there remains a bit of an enigma for many organizations. Sometimes it feels as if the people who coined this term knew exactly how intriguing this was going to be.

Following the recent 2017 summer weather events with hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, we realize there is so much information out there about weather patterns, forecast models and cloud satellite imagery. Yet each time there is a major cloud pattern converging as a storm or hurricane, we realize there is so much more to know and learn. And whether it’s “never seen before storms” or the rise of cloud innovation, it seems getting a full understanding on the subject is also a moving target.

No doubt, the cloud, much like the internet, is changing our world in ways we cannot even imagine. Business and IT teams have understood that the biggest benefit of cloud is agility, but the question on everybody’s mind is how to get on that journey in a way that makes sense. As Oracle clients start embracing cloud within their organizations, understanding the right questions to ask is a surefire way to help jump-start your internal processes. For example:

  • How do I benefit from moving to the cloud?
  • Do I start with software-as-a-service (SaaS)?
  • When does infrastructure-as-a-services (IaaS) make sense?
  • What is platform-as-a-service (PaaS)?
  • How do I get started?
  • Is hybrid cloud real?

With the combination of IBM and Oracle offerings and services, we have been able to help clients simplify their journey to the cloud and maximize returns. The underlying theme behind every service is to bring more business agility while delivering innovation from the very beginning of the cloud journey.

Oracle Cloud provides a rich portfolio of cloud capabilities. It has built a robust cloud solution stack and consumption models across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The product sets are available for all stakeholders in the organization, systems team, developers, innovators and business. The services are available in all deployment forms — virtualized, bare metal and cloud at customer.

Every organization’s journey to the cloud and entry point in leveraging IaaS, PaaS or SaaS capabilities is different. And their journey is tailored around current pain points and future business objectives. Below are some examples of different trigger points where we are helping clients shape and implement their cloud journeys.

  1. An organization was divested from their parent company. The new entity had to quickly build and migrate to new infrastructure. This was a scenario where assistance was provided in developing a complete cloud strategy to meet immediate and future business growth plans. The solution in this situation included multiple clouds (from different cloud vendors) with Oracle on-premises applications and surrounding non-Oracle application workloads migrated to Oracle IaaS. Oracle SaaS applications were needed to augment capabilities client did not already have. Oracle PaaS for Oracle databases along with other Oracle solutions helped integrate and extend the platforms that support the enterprise and enhance the functions of IaaS and SaaS platforms.
  2. An industrial client where the IBM team got started on a new eBS ERP project. The client team had issues standing up a new dev/test environment. So, within a week, a cloud-based architecture using Oracle Cloud was recommended to avoid any project delays
  3. A JDE client who could not scale fast enough to meet business demands in releasing new products or be able to partner with new companies. In this case, Oracle PaaS Micro Services was one of the main cloud components identified by the client as an initial set of cloud capabilities needed to address their immediate pain points
  4. A big oil and gas client was looking at cost reduction and overall operations optimization. In this case, moving to Oracle Cloud infrastructure on IaaS as well as leveraging artificial intelligence solutions and process automation were selected as the path forward
  5. A large financial institution needed help in making a decision to implement a SaaS application (in this case Oracle HCM SaaS). A very successful proof of concept leveraging our Oracle PaaS4SaaS strategy was completed. The Oracle PaaS platform was a major factor that helped the client business team leverage SaaS. The team tailored it to their very complex and unique processes that differentiates their company and helps them retain their amazing talent.

The IBM Global Business Consulting Oracle practice is an Oracle Diamond, Cloud Elite and MSP partner with a full set of services and capabilities to accelerate your cloud journey. Our vast portfolio of services can help create and implement tailored hybrid cloud solutions that meet your organization’s unique IT and business objectives. Our services range from initial planning and cloud strategy to the execution of workload and data migrations to run and manage infrastructure operations. We also specialize in implementing innovative artificial intelligence and Watson®-based automation and cognitive solutions. These solutions can be integrated with Oracle applications and implemented in all kinds of hybrid cloud models depending on each client’s needs.

To quote a recent IDC 2017 report: “By 2020, 67% of all enterprise IT infrastructure and software spending will be for cloud-based offerings.1” I encourage you to start the conversation within your organization on ideas to start leveraging the power of cloud. Whether you need help in lowering your total cost of IT ownership or want to improve business agility or you’re looking for next generation technologies to innovate, you can learn more here.

Come see IBM at booth 1107 at Oracle OpenWorld and learn about our innovative offerings for Oracle Cloud.

1. IDC. “IDC Sees the Dawn of the DX Economy and the Rise of the Digital-Native Enterprise”, November 2016. Accessed October 2017.

Technology Leader, IBM's Oracle Digital Transformation Practice – Hybrid Cloud, Cognitive, Artificial Intelligence

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