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What if your cloud provider could harness artificial intelligence and analytics?

Come visit IBM booth #1107 at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, October 1 to 5, San Francisco, CA.

Cloud is fundamental to every company’s IT strategy today. Cloud computing has been credited with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity and optimal resource utilization. Successful companies are running on a hybrid cloud model.

Major trends like big data, IoT and mobility have created an explosion in the use of true hybrid clouds. Many in-house applications have been modernized and made cloud-ready, sophisticated business processes have been developed, and more and more enterprise-wide processes have been, and continue to be, transferred to the hybrid cloud.

However, systems of record and systems of engagement are the heart of any business, and moving these to the cloud is a serious decision. Choosing a cloud provider geared to enterprise applications is critical. IBM Cloud Managed Services is not only designed to support enterprise applications, our hardware is certified to run Oracle and SAP applications in the IBM Cloud. Or even, SAP running on an Oracle Database.

Now consider this: What if your cloud provider could also deliver cognitive-driven Oracle innovation to your business — cognitive-driven innovation that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and more?

While cloud can be thought of as the new internet, AI could be considered the new electricity. As the AI market continues to heat up, it can seem like running a business without AI is like running a business blind. Many companies are boosting their capabilities in machine learning, messaging and chat, and image analysis, and we are seeing a movement of this technology from the consumer space into the enterprise space.

What does it really mean for a company to be “cognitive?” In a nutshell, a cognitive company can be thought of as a company with an edge, one that uses analytics for competitive advantage.

Here’s a great example: A leading UK retailer uses cognitive-driven IBM Oracle Cloud to answer this question: Of the items put on special sale in the three months leading to summer, how many more could have been sold had the retailer known what would sell in advance? The retailer had bulk purchased women’s ponchos with a retail price of 80 Euros. However, once on sale, they sold out in a month. Why didn’t it order more? With cognitive tools such as Watson trade-off analytics, it can better plan for future sales.
The beauty of IBM Cloud is that it offers native access to Watson APIs for better integration and rapid deployment of AI applications. Powered by Watson, IBM Cloud Managed Services for Oracle Applications is designed to take advantage of cognitively enabled tools that help clients gain better insights from unique and differentiated data. Moreover, Cloud Managed Services helps you in off-loading the administration of IT environments so you can focus your staff on more strategic areas.

Note also that IBM has already pre-integrated many Oracle analytics applications with Watson on the IBM Cloud. In addition, IBM provides standard, secure, real-time interfaces between the Oracle Cloud and the IBM Cloud.

Check out IBM Cloud solutions and attend sessions on Hybrid Cloud, Oracle Licensing management and many more, by visiting IBM booth #1107 at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, October 1 to 5, San Francisco, CA.

To learn how deploying Oracle applications in a managed cloud environment may reduce complexities and costs, visit IBM Cloud Managed Services.

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