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Achieving the Customer-Activated Retail Enterprise with IBM and Oracle

Achieving the Customer-Activated Retail Enterprise with IBM and Oracle

In the new era of purchasing products our lives have moved from store to internet, internet to phone and phones to apps based purchase. Now it becomes difficult for organizations to cater to such a large target audience and treat every customer as a prospect individual customer.
IBM C- suite study has also shown that Digitization has given customer a far more choice to decide about their products and thus CIO have shown focus in Implementing capabilities to deploy diligent marketing on treating each customer as an individual and focus as a lifetime value on each customer. Retail CxO are focusing more on digital engagement but also recognize the persistence of face to face and traditional media. When CxOs were asked what the priorities are to address the need to interact with customers effectively across all channels, the top three results emerged:
1. Respond quickly to emerging trends
2. Identify unmet customer needs
3. Create consistence customer experience
So how to do you achieve better consistency of experience for your customers? Answer to this is what Oracle Retail refers to as Commerce Anywhere. That means any and all combinations of customer interaction be it buy online, return at store; buy in store, deliver to home; click and collect, ubiquitous shopping carts, tailored promotions, meaningful and flexible loyalty programs – anything the customer demands from the powerful super-computer that they now hold in their hands everywhere and anywhere they go. The real challenge for retailers lies in their core merchandising, supply chain and sales processing systems. To find more about how to achieve success,  click  here

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