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The Global Energy Sector: Innovate or Die

In a recent article written by Deborah Yedlin, of the Calgary Herald, the headline “Innovate or Die” aptly reflects the changes needed in the global energy sector as disruptors and incumbents grapple with technology and trial new approaches to deliver sustained business improvements and growth, amidst the uncertainty of oil prices.

I agree that new ways of innovation and efficiency are required, and here in Canada IBM is leading the innovation agenda in this sector, working in collaboration with energy partners. Technology is enabling new ecosystems to form, and IBM’s Watson and AI capabilities are at the heart of the Watson for Natural Resources innovation consortia that we have formed that is enabling new ways to analyze and leverage the massive amounts of information being generated every day by oil and gas companies.

The objective is to enable intelligent operations that allow the industry to be more agile, able to operate in changing conditions, and advance transformation at high-speed and scale.

You can read more about how we are putting smart to work with IBM’s Watson for Natural Resources Innovation Program here.

At IBM’s THINK 2018 event this week, there are many more stories like this one in oil and gas, about how the world of business works smarter. Tune in here to watch the live sessions.



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