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Ensure the health and safety of your employees, improve your integrated operations, and manage information across phases of capital projects.

Navigating the hype of Artificial Intelligence- lessons from the trenches

I have been tracking AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiatives, for the last few years, across the business sectors through conferences, readings, personal experiences and my network. There is a distinct pattern about the approaches firms adopt towards AI. Some firms jump headlong into their AI initiatives, letting the chips fall where they may. On the other […]

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Mobility – a promise of exciting possibilities in Exploration & Production

When was the last time you silently cursed a badly designed feature while using your email client, newly installed software at your firm, IVR menu of a call centre, your online banking system, your car or even your office coffee machine? Chances are it was last week —it’s another matter that you sucked it up […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Oil and Gas

Leverage proven solutions complemented by IBM research and partner services to attain new levels of production reliability, manufacturing efficiency, safety and compliance, and business performance.

Blockchain can help transform supply chain networks in the chemicals and petroleum industry

Shared-ledger technology drives substantial efficiency, fraud prevention and cost take out.

Mastering the art of analytics: a Groundhog Day story of the exploration and production sector

Being data-driven is the new war cry of the E&P sector these days. Feverish frenzy around Digital and highly publicized business successes of the data-driven firms from the other sectors are driving most of the E&P firms’ fascination with Big Data, analytics or IOT these days. E&P leaders or senior executives, on their part, are […]

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Oil & Gas Upstream Integrated Operations Evolution

Once upon a time, a few large oil & gas companies developed point solutions to address specific production issues. A lot of lessons were learnt and a lot of money spent on bespoke software solutions, developed all under the quest for innovation. Many more niche solutions have been born from these early exercises and many […]

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Analytics Paralysis in Oil & Gas Upstream

If there is one word that has taken over the industry, it’s ‘Analytics’, meaning taking data and turning it into information. The peak was probably 2015,  as most businesses and users attempted to reach the Analytics panacea. Now, this year, Analytics has been replaced with the next generation of analytics, ‘Cognitive Computing’. ‘Cognitive Computing’ is the simulation of […]

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Upstream Oil & Gas Process Optimisation: Best Practice Tips

Having worked with the Oil & Gas Industry for over 20 years in many different forms, I thought readers would benefit from some basic take aways, as the pitfalls are common in most projects regardless of geography. Within the Oil & Gas Upstream Industry, Process Optimisation is a key focus area that generally looks at […]

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Exploration stamina!

“Necessity is the mother of invention!” The proverb is appropriate, but not sufficient, to describe the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. Operators surviving in the “lower for longer” economy cannot invent themselves to growth. Innovation is key, where applying concepts and practices from other industries may make the difference between leaders and laggards. […]

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Petronas IO Centers – Designing and Implementing An Enterprise Standard Operating Model

PETRONAS has embarked on a journey to leverage Integrated Operations (IO) as the key enabling component of upstream Operational Excellence (OE). This requires understanding what is done, by whom, when, and to what level of efficiency. Processes are therefore being examined, evaluated, and then improved. Further, global operations are being considered holistically—that is, how the […]

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