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The Global Energy Sector: Innovate or Die

In a recent article written by Deborah Yedlin, of the Calgary Herald, the headline “Innovate or Die” aptly reflects the changes needed in the global energy sector as disruptors and incumbents grapple with technology and trial new approaches to deliver sustained business improvements and growth, amidst the uncertainty of oil prices. I agree that new […]

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Navigating the hype of Artificial Intelligence- lessons from the trenches

I have been tracking AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiatives, for the last few years, across the business sectors through conferences, readings, personal experiences and my network. There is a distinct pattern about the approaches firms adopt towards AI. Some firms jump headlong into their AI initiatives, letting the chips fall where they may. On the other […]

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Blockchain can help transform supply chain networks in the chemicals and petroleum industry

Shared-ledger technology drives substantial efficiency, fraud prevention and cost take out.

Digital Reinvention™ is critical for chemical companies

Digital technologies are altering chemical companies’ operations, including research and development, manufacturing and supply chain. These technologies are also creating unprecedented levels of industry dislocation, with new entrants fundamentally changing the economics of business. To thrive, chemical companies need to digitally reinvent themselves. The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) examined the responses of 300 […]

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Advent of Cognitive and IoT in Process Manufacturing

Introduction Process Manufacturing – typically including refining, petrochemicals and commodities chemicals – has traditionally focused on stability, controllability and optimization. Advanced control techniques and information integration pushed operations closer to economic constraints while maintaining desired objectives around safety, stability and production. The natural progression in smart manufacturing has been to adopt advanced analytics and enhanced […]

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The value of cognitive / artificial intelligence to the Chemicals and Petroleum industry

In an environment where there is pressure to improve profits, cognitive computing / artificial intelligence (AI) can help Chemicals & Petroleum (C&P) organizations drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and make better capital decisions. The IBM Institute for Business Value has just published the report entitled “Cognitive Catalysts: Reinventing enterprises and experiences with artificial intelligence”. The […]

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The Oil and Gas Industry Digital Transformation

Much of the discussion I am having with clients from the four corners of the world is centred on the digital transformation of Oil and Gas and adjacent industries. Industry executives want to discuss how digital transformation can help deliver value for their enterprises as they search for new levels of performance and operational efficiency against […]

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Capturing value from blockchain in the Chemicals and Petroleum industry

In the industry cost-pressure environment, blockchain can drive substantial efficiency, fraud prevention and cost take out. The adoption of this technology will enable faster, permissioned, immutable, transparent and auditable business-to-business interactions between Chemicals and Petroleum (C&P) companies and their suppliers, distributors, financial institutions, or regulators. According to our data from the IBM Institute for Business […]

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Advancing Chemicals and Petroleum intelligence through cognitive

Volatile energy prices, rising research and development costs, manufacturing inefficiency, and safety and compliance concerns are causing upheaval in the Chemicals and Petroleum (C&P) industry. As a result, these companies must find more innovative ways to cut costs and increase revenues. While the industry has access to a tremendous amount of data from sensors, incidents, […]

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Innovate or Replicate?

After reading multiple articles over the past few months on Innovation, it got me thinking about the last time I saw something I could truly say was innovative. Cars all follow a similar ergonomic design; Apple and Samsung have been fighting for years about devices that have the same look and feel, the list goes […]

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Winning The Future Talent Battle: Why Do E&P Firms Need To Think Differently?

  “Haven’t we all seen it before?” is the question one may ask on hearing the expert warnings about the talent crisis that Exploration and Production (E&P) sector could face in the next few years, and that E&P firms must find ways to address the issues of aging workforce, shortage of mid-career professionals and poor […]

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A Perspective on Cognitive Computing in Exploration & Production

Recent times have been quite eventful for Cognitive Computing (or Artificial Intelligence) technology with driverless cars, robots and virtual home assistants grabbing the headlines from the tech world. Of many capabilities of Cognitive Computing, it’s the ability to analyse unstructured data which has caught the eyes of the business world. Leading research firms estimate that […]

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Benefits Of Blockchain Adoption In The Chemicals & Petroleum Industry

  Processing an invoice. It sounds so simple. One business records a transaction with another business for the delivery of goods and services per a contractual agreement. Every business does it, from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the world’s most sophisticated conglomerates. Yet, the same issues with inefficient, expensive and vulnerable transactions that have existed […]

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