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Cognitive Analytics and Mobility Can Empower Maintenance Service Personnel

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One of the important KPI’s of Maintenance is to reduce the “Mean Time to Repair” of the equipment. As in the Mining (any) industry the maintenance personnel are always hard pressed for time to rectify/ service the equipment in the shortest possible time and return it in a safe operating condition to its potential capacity. Maintenance personnel need to allocate jobs, allocate and withdraw spares & tools, refer to the hard copy manuals during the execution of the job, and connect with OEM for expert support. Assume maintenance personnel with tools in one hand and continuously referring equipment manual during the rectification or service of the equipment. The mobility & cognitive analytics will provide another mobile tool in the hands of maintenance personnel and empower them to reduce the maintenance time and increase the equipment utilization.

cognitive analytics

*Asset Life cycle of Mining Machinery


The total asset life cycle starts from its conception till scrapping during which, it passes through multiple stages of the life cycle.

There are two players for Asset Maintenance

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • Direct OEM – Annual Maintenance Contract
    • Through Dealer – Annual Maintenance Contract
  2. Equipment User – Internal Maintenance

Let us discuss the cases.

As the data generated by the equipment is available since its manufacturing stage, the usage of the data from the entire life cycle can be utilized for maintenance depending on OEM or the equipment user. The characteristics or attributes values help in deriving the root cause analysis of the failures. The problems / faults and the associated actions will generate a historical data which will help in deriving the future maintenance activities and reduce the rectification or service time. All these data will be available on maintenance supervisor or maintenance executioner depending on role and responsibility.

How cognitive analytics can support during the entire life cycle

cognitive analytics
The Manufacturer can utilize the data generated by the user as per the feedback and support required from time to time and help reduce the SLA’s during the AMC and Equipment user can utilize their own historian and online help from the OEM for maintenance.

Further these analyses can also help in remote support using mobile as Internet of Things (IoT) for better decision framework where the OEM can monitor the attributes remotely and suggest actions or remedies.


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