Integrated Operations for Metals Industry

Metals industry is experiencing considerable volatility and challenges. Recovery seems very slow and unpredictable. Meager growth rate, combined with increased global supply of raw materials, is causing pricing to remain weak. Moderate demand for metals come from construction, infrastructure followed by automotive, oil and gas sectors. To remain profitable, metal manufacturers are focusing on operational […]

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Internet of Things Application for Metals, Mining and Industrial Product Industries

In the age of digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Internet of things and services (IOT) is at the forefront of realising smarter factory vision. In this blog, I answer three questions What is it ?; Why is it important now? and How metals, mining and industrial product companies can take advantage of this technology ? What is  Industry 4.0 , Internet of Things? […]

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The Future of Metals Industry – Mobility of Everything

Today mobile devices touch each individual. You can find an app for almost everything personal. Enterprises have been slow to adopt mobile applications at workplaces. We still see paper log sheets being filled by pen on shop floor of a traditional steel company. At best an operator reports shift wise tonnages, pieces on a computer […]

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