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Top Insights on Insurance blogs in 2018

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We publish lots of insurance technology thought leadership content from both IBM and industry subject matter experts. Among all the new posts we published in 2018, here are the ones that got the most attention from readers like you.


6. Fighting insurance fraud with AI – An expert discussion

Fraudulent claims in the insurance industry have steadily grown to be the single largest expense to property and casualty insurers, taking up to 10% of an insurer’s revenue.

5. Insurers are catching up with a platform world

Platform models that offer innovative products in a multi-partner ecosystem are disrupting traditional businesses. With customers getting tailored products and instant services from other industries, how will forward-thinking insurers beat new entrants?

4. Insights on Insurance Blog

Guiding insurers through digital transformation – the tagline of our home page. This front door was very popular with readers. Take a look to see what’s new and timely.

3. Embracing the future with the new IBM Insurance Platform

The IBM Insurance Platform is a milestone for insurers, who can take advantage of a vertical industry platform that offers a complete end-to-end insurance environment as-a-service for both customers and distributors. The implications for insurers, software providers, and other insurance ecosystem participants are significant. Benefits accrue to regulators, distributors, and most importantly, to the insureds who trust the industry to handle risk on their behalf.

2. MobileFirst approach for insurance companies: Get started or risk being outpaced by competitors

Embracing technology can improve business performance. By ignoring technology trends such as developing mobile applications and other engagement tools, insurance companies are falling behind and being outpaced by competitors.

1. Parametric insurance: Breaking the mold of traditional insurance

Because extreme weather events are now seemingly more common than ever before, insurance claims are seeing record increases, and the demand for disaster insurance is reaching unprecedented levels. Insurance companies are being challenged to offer new ways to respond to these disasters, both to expedite relief for their clients and to develop cost-friendly and profitable products, all while reducing operating costs.




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