The right tools matter in claims adjustments

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The phone rings. It is 4 AM on Christmas morning, and there has been a house fire. The family is OK—shaken, but OK. It is time to get up, get dressed and go to work. This early morning call to action is not an uncommon scenario for many insurance adjusters. At a moment’s notice, an adjuster has to assist a customer who needs help quickly.

As an insurance company, you only get a few touchpoints with customers—typically those happen during a policy purchase or claims filing. Filing a claim is, more often than not, an emotionally charged situation, where attentive, personalized and efficient service matters.

It is our responsibility, as leaders in insurance, to make helping customers as easy as possible for adjusters. By doing that, we make the job more satisfying, fulfilling and engaging for the men and women in the field. And with the right tools and the ability to help someone in a crisis, claims adjusting truly is a fulfilling career.

How do we empower adjusters to do their best work? By investing in tools that allow them to deliver impeccable service, manage workload and feel good about the impact they have made not only for Amica, but, most importantly, for our customers.

Innovation that matters

We know customer expectations are changing; they are demanding more mobile, digital and personal experiences. Employees are customers, too, and their expectations have also changed. The right tools make a big difference in meeting, or exceeding, customer expectations.

One tool we built with IBM was the Road Day app for iOS. We launched it in 2016 and immediately saw widespread adoption. Our adjusters have said the app has impressed customers and makes them feel more involved in the claims process, which results in greater peace of mind.

Road Day was a critical tool to have after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, in the aftermath of the wildfires in Santa Rosa, and it continues to be an essential tool in 2018 with Hurricanes Florence and Michael. From extraordinary catastrophes to everyday claims, the app has helped our adjusters come to the aid of our customers more quickly and effectively.

We have taken the approach to include employees when building the best digital experiences. We used design thinking sessions to develop a tool that was intuitive and truly useful. We have also used this method with our customer-focused digital initiatives. By doing so, we can greatly enhance their insurance experience, much as we have done with Road Day.


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