Random Thoughts: Data Sharing

New study, new data, so I thought I’d revisit a topic I explored before, about the willingness of consumers to share data to improve either their premium paid, their convenience, or their risk/safety. In general, the willingness has increased: All questions show a slight uptick except for the for the first house sensor one – […]

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Digital reinvention and the role of the intermediary

A central theme in the new insurance study I announced three weeks ago is the confluence of forces that will lead to disruption in the industry. While we can argue the timeframe or the strength of disruption in insurance – regulation on one hand and a conservative industry mindset on the other will always be […]

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Convenience versus privacy

Publication of our new insurance study about Digital Reinvention is right around the corner – time for a second sneak peek at some of the data. Last time I talked about the changes in trust, today we will have a look at the privacy / convenience trade-off. Conventional wisdom says that as the world is […]

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