Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Opportunity for Insurance, Delightful

Do you know what the most common use of smart phones is — beyond of course talking and email?  Well, according to multiple sources it’s, not surprisingly, checking the weather. Being instantly aware of upcoming weather is now so second nature to us, we often can mitigate the risk much better of being literally caught […]

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Strap yourself in, now it gets exciting…

On the heels of Apple’s earning report the Wall Street Journal posed a question (in a headline) that asked: “Are Tablet Computers a Passing Fad?” The article discussed the fall-off in sales of the iPad for the fifth straight quarter and suggested that this category of personal device is on the decline. Apple helped create […]

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2 reasons to connect with industry leaders in insurance in 2014

January is always a great month to take stock of the year that past and the year ahead. Looking back over 2013, we posted on many changing dynamics in insurance in this blog — like Big Data, Exceptional Digital Experiences, social, analytics and the evidence that points toward the importance of creating an engaged and […]

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