Random thoughts: new entrants and adjacent spaces

Last week, we launched the new IBM Institute for Business Value study on insurance retention – I blogged about it on this site.[1] One of the recurring themes in the study is the threat of new entrants – today, some random thoughts around this topic: Customers are open to buying insurance from non-insurers. When we […]

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Random Thoughts: Googlesurance

As far back as 2006 – when presenting the Insurance 2020 study – I tended to hear the question “What if Google did insurance?” Well, Google has been doing insurance for about 2 years in the U.K. now, and very recently announced the big launch of the auto insurance aggregator part of Google Compare in […]

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Mistletoe and ‘whine’ – 5 New Year Analytic Resolutions for insurers

It’s been a few weeks now since Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said in his presentation for The Year Ahead 2014 conference that “Insurance is the most obvious” industry “about to explode” with uses for big data. I must admit to have been lost for words but fortunately, it hasn’t lasted for long. It’s […]

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