InsureTech Connect: A front row seat to the thriving insurance technology industry

As the seasons transform from summer to autumn in the US, that means getting back to conference and event season. An event that is quickly becoming a fall tradition for IBM is participating in the annual InsureTech Connect conference. No longer just a subset of the fintech industry, the insuretech market has grown exponentially, and IBM Insurance has had a front […]

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MobileFirst approach for insurance companies: Get started or risk being outpaced by competitors

As a former insurance agency owner and seller, I have first-hand knowledge how embracing technology can improve business performance. By ignoring technology trends such as developing mobile applications and other engagement tools, insurance companies are falling behind and being outpaced by competitors. Not long ago when people were seeking information, they would fire up their […]

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Strap yourself in, now it gets exciting…

On the heels of Apple’s earning report the Wall Street Journal posed a question (in a headline) that asked: “Are Tablet Computers a Passing Fad?” The article discussed the fall-off in sales of the iPad for the fifth straight quarter and suggested that this category of personal device is on the decline. Apple helped create […]

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