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Streamlining insurance with platforms and artificial intelligence: IBM at LIMRA 2018

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From October 28-30, 2018, leaders in the life insurance industry will convene in New York City for the annual LIMRA conference to answer questions related to this year’s theme: “Reclaiming Relevance: Now Is The Time!” Speakers will discuss how financial services companies can convey their relevance given today’s “flood” of data and how they can be more relevant by meeting the needs of their consumers. How about using that flood of data to better understand consumers and build a new innovative digital experience for consumers? See the video below to learn about how the IBM Insurance Platform will make possible the new type of experiences insurers need and customers demand.

On Monday, October 29 from 10:30-11:30 am, I will be hosting a session titled, “Streamlining insurance: How platforms are changing the industry through ecosystems, innovation, and interoperability” at LIMRA–where I will discuss the industry shift toward platforms which will allow insurers to deliver a more robust experience and leverage data and third party services more efficiently. We’ll look at recent research from the IBM Institute for Business Value that surveyed over 1000 insurers on their readiness and acceptance of platforms. I’ll also touch on how IBM is approaching these customer-centric ecosystems, differentiated through data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and built on trusted blockchain networks to help insurers move from legacy systems to next generation infrastructure.

In addition to the Monday session, I will also be onsite during the LIMRA conference to meet with people individually. Some of my IBM colleagues will also be in our booth demoing our Watson Customer Engagement solution, which helps insurers use AI to improve customer experience across channels, to drive sales, renewals and efficiency and capitalize on the right prospect and policyholder data to fine-tune and personalize offers and messages at nearly every touchpoint. According to research, 64% of leading edge companies are confident that AI will deliver a more seamless and optimized customer experience, and 70% of insurers believe AI can significantly help them obtain new customers.

If you’re at LIMRA this year, make sure to drop by for a conversation on how IBM can help you create a competitive advantage in the insurance landscape with platforms and AI.

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