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Random Thoughts: Things to Read by IBV

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IBVFor our Random Thoughts post today, I thought I’d summarize interesting reads my colleagues at IBV published over the last year (and some of mine, too 😉 ). Let’s start cross-industry:

  • About a year ago, Carolyn Baird showed the “Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths” about millennials in the workplace. Not all conventional wisdom about that generation corresponds with reality…
  • Millennials, aka GenY, are also featured in “To buy or not to buy” about B2B marketing. Something to look at if your customer include commercial companies (or if you are a reinsurer).
  • If your topic is analytics, Rebecca Shockley and colleagues show how successful organization use analytics to innovate. (“Innovative analytics“)
  • Also on the topic of innovation, we have an insurance study coming out in about a month. Stay tuned.
  • And of course, the latest C-Suite study, “Redefining boundaries”. Do you know who the ankle-biters in your industry are?
  • Switching over to insurance, we started out the publishing year with “Capturing hearts, minds and market share” – there we analyze insurance retention. How can insurers keep customers? That one’s still going strong, I get quite a few speaking requests.
  • In October, we showed how cognitive computing will change the insurance industry. We will take a deeper dive this year, publishing a perspective in the fall.
  • Last but not least, Mark McLaughlin, Andy Rice from the Weather Company, and Eric Lesser colaborated on “Cloudy with a chance of mishap“, taking a look at how weather data can help insurers manage risk in some areas.

That should be enough reading to fill a few hours of commute or other downtime.

Insurance Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

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