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InsureTech Connect: A front row seat to the thriving insurance technology industry

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As the seasons transform from summer to autumn in the US, that means getting back to conference and event season. An event that is quickly becoming a fall tradition for IBM is participating in the annual InsureTech Connect conference. No longer just a subset of the fintech industry, the insuretech market has grown exponentially, and IBM Insurance has had a front row seat.  The event, held at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on October 2 and 3, is the world’s largest insuretech conference in existence today. With investments at an all-time high in Q1 2018 of $724 million, the flourishing industry has attracted startups and traditional players alike. A conference dedicated to the entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and industry executives has evolved into being necessary and relevant. Not sure about the value of this event and if it will be worth attending? Here are a few key numbers:

  • 6,000+ Attendees
  • 200+ Speakers
  • 500+ Sessions
  • 60%+ of attendees are insurance C-level / founders executives
  • Nearly 1,000 international attendees
  • Over 500 attendees have the title of “CEO”

Besides the predominant amount of C-suite executives attending, there are also a number of other insurance communities represented, including investors, entrepreneurs, service and solution providers, and others as well.

Demos and giveaways at the IBM booth

No conference would be complete without an exhibit floor and IBM will be there. We will have giveaways at the IBM booth (600), as well as leading IBM Insurance thought leaders and subject matter experts will be on site demonstrating in four areas:

Blockchain has arrived in insurance

We’ve previously talked about how blockchain use cases in insurance continue to emerge, as we are just now scratching the surface of finding new ways to apply the secured ledger technology in the industry. Trust is a key component of insurance, and blockchain has the ability to be transformative in many areas from IoT and telematic sensory data, to the automobile claims process, to weather-related and triggered insurance policies. Blockchain’s implementation was valued at $43 million in 2017, and it is now projected to eclipse over $1.3 billion by the year 2023, an increase of over 2,000%.

Tuesday at 2:00 PM at Room 310, join IBM Distinguished Engineer Bertrand Portier, with guests Truman Esmond of the American Association of Insurance Services, Sastry Durvasula of Marsh LLC and Jeff To from Salesforce, to discuss how they’re using blockchain-permissioned networks in their business environments and the changes it is causing. Also will be covered is the recent announcement from IBM and Marsh working
together to transform the certificate of insurance process.


To learn more about IBM Insurance, please visit us here.

For more information and to register for InsureTech Connect 2018, visit here.

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