To energize innovation in financial services, take it outside

Financial companies have always been innovators. But in this age of digital transformation, innovation in financial services is more important than ever to stay competitive. Innovation processes, traditionally limited to product development, are now spreading throughout the entire organization. Many companies, however, are not yet well-positioned to reap the benefits. When researchers from the IESE […]

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Insurance as a Service?

“Living at risk is jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down.” — Ray Bradbury Imagine a world where your insurance benefits and rates fluctuate on a daily or even hourly basis, based on your unique lifestyle. Sure, you have a baseline of auto and homeowner’s insurance that protects your “stuff”. […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Insurance

Discover IBM insurance solutions that can help you make smart investments focusing on informed interactions, streamlined operations and enterprise resilience.

Engage policyholders with insight

Faced with a new generation of policyholders who expect seamless and individualized experiences, insurers need new strategies for improving retention and driving growth.

Event: Reinventing Financial Services

A Smart Way to Solve Renewals Reluctance

Rahul and Saurav just finished their graduation and have started working in an large company. They used their biked to commute to office every day. Rahul was looking to buy an insurance policy for his bike and read about IRDA’s new rule of policy renewal. He bought a new policy with insurer “X” where he […]

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Ebola, nuclear shelters, and secrets from my past

We all have secrets, some more than others. Amongst mine is that, in my sporting youth, I was a soccer goalkeeper – but I am in good company, as I’m joined by Pope John Paul I and also by Pavarotti. But the secret I want to share with you today is about what I was […]

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