Insurers accelerate innovation with the cloud

Tomorrow’s insurance industry disruptors will marry the strengths of a digital business with the power of endless digital intelligence. They will set their sights on going deeper and wider into their own data as well as third-party data–structured and unstructured, text-based or sensory. They will shorten the cycles between what they can learn from data […]

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From art to science: Creating competitive advantage with cognitive decision making

Insurers know the importance of making informed decisions based on current, relevant information. Yet there are differing viewpoints on how much detailed information is necessary to make a decision. How much reliance can be placed on the “art” of underwriting or “experience” in lieu of gathering and reviewing a lot of detailed data and making […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Insurance

Discover IBM insurance solutions that can help you make smart investments focusing on informed interactions, streamlined operations and enterprise resilience.

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 Disruptive innovation

 Watson Expert Assist AI for insurance

 Financial crimes insight AI for insurance

IBM and global insurer ERGO Group agree on new platform service

IBM has agreed with ERGO Group to jointly develop on the IBM Insurance Platform a system to manage closed books of traditional German life business. With over 40 million customers and operating in over 30 countries, ERGO is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe and owned by one of the global market leaders, […]

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Insurers are catching up with a platform world

Platform models that offer innovative products in a multi-partner ecosystem are disrupting traditional businesses. With customers getting tailored products and instant services from other industries, how will forward-thinking insurers beat new entrants? Insurers face two challenges today: Without frequent customer interactions, insurers lack ways to build rapport and meet customer needs at the point of […]

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Groupama and IBM find opportunity through disruption

As an insurance provider, you are most likely seeing your industry change drastically around you. Your clients look for a level of stability and constancy in their providers and disruption and change are not always a welcomed or embraced. With or without an industry consensus, the insurance landscape is going through some fundamental changes. Technology, […]

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5 Things an insurer shouldn’t miss at IBM Think 2018

The outlook for the insurance industry in 2018 is what many of us know already. The disruptive influence of FinTech has expanded beyond the world of finance and has entered the insurance landscape. The marriage of insurance, technology and data & analytics, or InsurTech, has created a boon for technology companies’ insurance products and services. […]

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Embracing the future with the new IBM Insurance Platform

Industry platforms have become more of an insurance discussion point as insurance decision makers, analysts, and consultants consider 2018 and new technology trends.  IBM’s collaboration with MetLife and Majesco to create the new IBM Insurance Platform was an impetus for that conversation (if you missed it, check it out here). The IBM Insurance Platform is […]

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IBM partners with MetLife and Majesco on data driven insurance platform

The IBM Insurance Platform, a collaboration between IBM, MetLife and Majesco, is a breakthrough in the insurance industry that can pave the way for product innovation, and new levels of personalized customer service while achieving lowering operating costs to the insurer. The combination of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and cloud technology enables insurers to get […]

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IBM and MetLife partner for a groundbreaking IBM Insurance Platform

From the introduction of the mainframe, to pioneering efforts in artificial intelligence, IBM has consistently developed technologies that are relevant to the insurance industry. Today, we announce another milestone for the insurance industry — the IBM Insurance Platform with initial focus on end-to-end core processing for group benefits and to be offered “as a Service” on the […]

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Three ways insurance companies can modernize and deliver value-added services

In a previous blog post, I reflected on my own experience renewing an insurance policy.  To summarize the blog, the insurance industry is undergoing a customer experience led transformation. Customers are demanding more and the marketplace is changing with new entrants and expanded business models from incumbents. In order to lead and grow, insurance carriers […]

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Random Thoughts: Things to Read by IBV

For our Random Thoughts post today, I thought I’d summarize interesting reads my colleagues at IBV published over the last year (and some of mine, too 😉 ). Let’s start cross-industry: About a year ago, Carolyn Baird showed the “Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths” about millennials in the workplace. Not all conventional wisdom about that […]

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How to Integrate Cloud, Mobile, and Analytics for Insurance Success

At InterConnect 2015, I attended several insurance-focused sessions, including co-hosting an industry luncheon and co-facilitating an insurance industry round table focused on “customer-activated operations.” I came away from the conference with three main observations: Insurers are still reticent to get in the cloud. Insurers are eager to develop mobile offerings that engage customers. Insurers are […]

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