thinkPod: Eric Martinez, former Partner and Designing Change Lead at VSA, co-founder at Studio Bonafide

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In this episode, Amanda Thurston, Marketing Services Leader at IBM iX, sits with Eric Martinez, former Partner and Designing Change Lead at VSA, to discuss business visioning, nurturing talent and creativity, and the written word in a digital world.

Since the recording of this podcast, Eric Martinez has left VSA to start a new venture. See his note below for details:

“I’ve co-founded a business and brand consultancy called Studio Bonafide (though the name is likely to change soon due to trademark issues, this is what we’ve got for now) with Douglas Bensadoun. He’s a past client of mine, and the former Chief Brand Officer at ALDO. Bonafide is focused on helping clients in technology, fashion and culture to envision the future of their business, develop their brands and enact culture change. I lead the strategy and change side of the business, and Douglas leads creative. We’re up and running, and actively accepting clients!”

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Leader, Digital Marketing Services, IBM iX || Editor-in-Chief, thinkLeaders

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