Noah Syken

Can cognitive computing help us re-imagine sports training and technique?

From our fingerprints to our irises to the very DNA that directs our growth and development, we are singular, solitary, unprecedented individuals. Why, then, does the world insist on training us all the same? We teach our school children using standardized curricula. Doctors ply their trade based on “best practices.” And we train our athletes […]

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Golf and technology: Managing the delicate balance between tradition and transformation

Innovate or die. Disrupt or be disrupted. Only the paranoid survive. These are among the many terrifying business mantras of the Internet Age. They are the panicky, unnerving expressions of a generation that has known change to be the only constant. And they serve to remind us that success is difficult to achieve, and even […]

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Business is a lot like your basketball bracket: It’s all about the data

  Business, like basketball, features many variables that complicate predicting outcomes. Source: Getty Images The chances of filling out a perfect bracket for college basketball’s March tournament is calculated to be one in 2.4 trillion. That means you’re 24,000 times more likely to win the lottery. In fact, it’s so unlikely that anyone would pick […]

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