New thinking

Data becomes more valuable when shared—but we don’t behave that way

Institutions in the industrial era created value by stockpiling knowledge. Data was proprietary—to a corporation, to a department and to an individual—and therefore hoarded. In today’s networked business world, companies and individuals create value by improving the flow of data, knowledge and learning through their networks. Data becomes more valuable when we share it—but unfortunately, […]

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Speed is culture

Low barriers to entry in many industry segments—now, even start-ups have access to global reach and infrastructure at scale—are increasing competition and creating the need for shorter product and service development cycles. But speed is not something that can be asserted from the top. It must live at the center of process design, business model […]

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Embrace social media

Suffice it to say that CFOs have not been at the forefront of the social media revolution. Hemmed in by disclosure restrictions and a close-to-the vest culture, sharing information via social channels does not come naturally to finance organizations. Add to this the many high-profile fiascos that have involved executives who said too much on […]

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