management styles

Oki Matsumoto: Advice on how to be disruptive—and stay disruptive

When Oki Matsumoto, Chief Executive Officer of Monex Group, Inc., speaks in front of an audience about bold technological disruption and the future of finance, he gestures with an elegant, sweeping arc of his arm. It’s as if he is tracing the trajectory of a big idea.He has a demeanor that is brilliantly wise and […]

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Jeff Smith: Lessons from IBM’s CIO on scaling agile

Jeff Smith arrived at IBM just over one year ago, but his mantra—to create an agile culture across Big Blue—is already driving fundamental change. Using the collective wisdom of IBMers to build a new, more collaborative innovation model, Smith’s organization is creating loosely coupled, tightly aligned teams that combine the work ethic of a startup […]

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