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How to create standout customer experiences that propel you ahead to market leadership

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Two big business and technology conferences begin today, attracting technology enthusiasts and business executives from across the world – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and IBM Interconnect in Las Vegas. If you are at one of these events, key trends such as mobile strategy, differentiating experiences by design and the Internet of Things are surely to top the charts.

It is safe to say, going forward, customer experience will be the new competitive battleground and companies will differentiate themselves based on the value they offer their customers.

The recent IBM C Suite Study found, businesses around the world are being disrupted by competition, in most cases, coming from outside their industries. In such times, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to adopt a solid mobile strategy along with an agile approach to innovation. Mobile has over the years emerged to be the platform to drive innovation, creating capabilites which were not present before. Find the insights to excel in the new competitive landscape by reading the c-suite study here.

One of these capabilities is to build personalized human interactions. Gartner reported that by 2016, 89% of marketing leaders expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. This is where design is important for your organizations mobile strategy. A well-designed mobile app can not only provide personalized experiences that your customers expect, but also make apps intuitive, accessible, user-friendly, and help reflect your brand’s personality and values. Download and Learn how to overcome challenges in designing a great mobile app.

However, it’s not just about designing a nice-looking app, to excel in the new competitive landscape companies must be agile and consider new ways of working that allow for innovation and creativity. Design Thinking is being adopted by organizations as a practice to approach problem identification and solving. Forrester in a recent study, takes a deeper look into the practice of adopting design thinking at large organizations to transform culture.

There isn’t a better organization out there that provides the capabilities to help you deliver exceptional customer experiences through mobile and digital technologies. Indulge with us as we reveal insights from our leaders at IBM iX and see what we’re doing to help companies transform today. (Download iX ThinkBook)


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