Reshaping Engagement Strategy: Fueled by AI

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We’re pleased to be attending the Transformational CMO Assembly this month in Denver to deliberate on this topic with an exclusive group of CMOs brought together by The Millennium Alliance. Gatherings like these take on much more importance in this time of profound change where we’re experiencing unthrottled advancement in the human + machine continuum.

We’re at an inflection point in human history no less impactful than when the Internet burst onto the scene less than three decades ago. And do you realize it’s been only ten years since smart devices have been truly popularized, changing fundamentally how we engage with clients and the world around us? So now it is time to think really hard – and really different – about the next five, maybe ten, years and what we should prepare for. It’s estimated that in less than three years, marketers will have access to 20X the data they have today. This is an era of exponential learning because we’re now tapping into the 80% of the world’s data that is unstructured and largely unutilized. As a result, the ways we engage with clients will be perceived either as dynamic, exciting and fresh; or pedestrian and old-fashioned. Where do you want to be on that continuum?

As leaders of the customer experience in our respective organizations, marketers may not be perceived as the technically savvy ones who can drive this revolution; but we can certainly influence it from a strategic, design and usability standpoint. We can demand a view of customer relationships across an enterprise; and include customers in the co-creation and innovation of products and services to make sure they get more than what they expect. That’s what IBM Watson Marketing and IBM iX, our digital services consultancy, are all about — helping clients achieve a fully integrated business and technology architecture, drenched in great creative design and based on sound strategy that puts experienced people and intelligent machines at the core. It’s what we do; and we look forward to our conversations with many of you at #CMOAssembly in Denver.

To engage in the dialogue, visit us at or learn about The Millenium Alliance.

Executive Director - Total Commerce, IBM iX, Global Business Services

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