Men Buy, Women Shop – How about the next Gen Connected & Automated Shwopper?

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In the current retail eco-system it is all about Shopper who is Smart, Intelligent, Connected and Always on !! The retailers are being pushed to provide an omni-channel experience to the shoppers for where-ever, what-ever, how-ever shwopping. And the last best experience is THE experience that the Shopper demands !!

While the retailers are embracing the latest technology both in-store (around Physical-Digital Convergence) and for their e-commerce platform to provide just that.


There is no denying that there is an “Automated Shopper” (with increasing IoT / Wearables use cases) that might change the way Shopping is done. This Shopper does not necessarily poses, any of the human Shopper senses (e.g., response to scent, music, aesthetics of the store), but with the cognitive and deep analytics insights this Shwopper can be enticed towards a brand. THIS is the force that the retailers have to embrace with time.

Isn’t it fair to say that the “Shopper” and the “Shopping habits” will be far from Human in future, as these will be performed by the connected devices i.e. “The Things” that the Humans will own. Is it time for the Smart Wardrobe (with cognitive skills) to take over the Fashion world. Is it time for the “Smart Wearables” to book the vacations and take over the Travel Industry with not much human connect. THINGS becoming so smart that they are able to order on their own – Connected Fridges, potentially the shelves within the kitchen.

Time for the retailers to look deep into this and get on with the Connected World !!

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Abhi Suri

Thanks for sharing!!

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