Jeff Schultz, Executive Managing Director – Industries, Box Inc., & Jade McQueen, Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Box Inc.

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Jeff Schultz (Executive Managing Director, Industries, Box Inc.) and Jade McQueen (Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Box Inc.) talk to IBM’s Robert Schwartz about orienting around client goals, turning use cases into features, and treating competitors as frenemies.

0:28 Jeff’s background and role at Box
1:59 Jade’s background and role at Box
4:01 Going to market vertically
4:48 Orienting around existing client goals
7:00 Converting clients from local to cloud solutions
8:35 Expanding market offerings by exploring special use cases
10:54 Box’s metrics and KPIs: momentum and customer awareness and satisfaction
14:42 How Box frames its competitor set: frenemies and creating a new ecosystem
18:01 Avoiding the startup bubble
27:34 Creative leadership at Box
31:36 When you think of IBM, what do you think of?

Lightning Round
22:51 Favorite app
24:13 Favorite device
25:16 Favorite social media platform
26:39 If you had another job, what would it be?

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